Hawa Ndio Wanaume..interview of rescued Jessica Buchanan

In 2012, Jessica Buchanan, 32, and Poul Hagen Thisted, 60, employees of a Danish aid agency, were rescued by Navy SEALs after being held for three months by armed men near the town of Adado in north-central Somalia.
In an interview with David Greene, Buchanan had this to say,
On her 93rd night in captivity, when they were rescued:
Buchanan: "As was normal procedure, if i needed to get up off my mat to go to the bush to use the bathroom, I would stand up and say ‘toilet’ and wait for someone to acknowledge me. There were about nine guards that night. I was sleeping within 12 inches of at least six of them. So I kept saying ‘toilet, toilet’ — no one would acknowledge me, so I took my little pen light with me and kept flashing it while I went so they would know I was there. And I came back and laid down. …"I laid there for probably five minutes, then the entire night just erupted into automatic gunfire. My first initial thought is that we were being re-kidnapped by another group, or maybe it was al-Shabab [the Islamic military group in Somalia] — that was always the eminent threat, and then I knew there was no hope for survival if it was al-Shabab. And I just, I laid there and I prayed and I also just said, like, ‘I can’t survive another kidnapping. I’ve already learned this group. … I’m so tired, I can’t, I can’t do this anymore.’
“The next thing I know, somebody pulls the blanket from my face and then I hear a man say my name. You know, I haven’t heard anybody say my name in so long. And then he says, ‘We’re the American military, and we’re here to save you, we’re here to take you home. You’re safe now.’ And I … was just in so much shock I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. The American military, they knew I was here? Americans are here? One of them just scoops me up, I mean, like a movie, and just runs across the desert with me to a safe place and they quickly give me medication and at one point form a ring around us because they weren’t sure if the premises was completely safe.”
On how she responded when a Navy SEAL asked if she’d forgotten anything at the camp:
Buchanan: "I can’t believe I did this, but I had a small little powder bag that they had let me keep, and inside I had re-stolen from them a ring that my mom had made, and I thought, ‘I can’t leave it here in the desert.’ [Her mother had recently died.]
“And so I ask him to go back and get the bag for me. And, I mean, these men are just, they’re incredible. He goes back out, into a war zone basically, to go get my ring. And then he comes back with the bag.”


Are they the equivalent of our very own reke sqaut?

He goes back out, into a war zone basically, to go get my ring. And then he comes back with the bag."

Sounds like bullshit


good story…

can i do a kdf thread in somalia with pics?



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Hii story yako sio complete. Umesahau AFSOC, FBI HRT na SOAR

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[Wish!!E=“mukuna, post: 469971, member: 3450”]can i do a kdf thread in somalia with pics?

Eish!!! Do you have to ask,kindly do it A.S.A.P

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Bora isiwe graphic.

She is looking at a a future book tour and a movie, so truth has to take a back-seat.

Killing a few untrained Somali boys with AKs is pretty easy. Ask KDF - they do it on a daily basis na hawasumbui…


Just to make my point, Gugu the story of the SEAL who was a reputed to be the deadliest sniper.

Apparently the guy was a liar to the core and the American military knew it but since it was making them look better…


who are u talking about would like to know more about that story please

Did you watch the movie American Sniper?


The subject of the movie is who guka is saying was a liar