Hawa Mafala Wanalala Kwa In-Laws, Listen....

A TikToker has raffled feathers saying that men who spend at their mothers-in-law’s houses have no respect for them. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

"Unalala ile bedroom wife yako alikuwa analala before aoleke, shame on you! You have twa twa huko mother-in-law akikusikia shame on you… If it is amust uende kwa kina bibi, enda December 25, asubuhi urudi Nairobi by 2 pm. Kama hamna plan kaeni kwa nyumba yenu Nairobi. Unaenda kubishana aje na mother-in-law kupanga line kwa choo. Mnaaibisha wananume," she said.

Empress says:
“Hawa ni wakikuyu. In our culture hubby hawezi lala kwetu labda tukatafte lodging inje ya boma.”

Sure enough, Julius Kimani a Kikuyu man dismissed the argument with contempt:
“When we were dating. I remember visiting them. Her father insisted that I should not leave after a certain time.
I had to sleep over. My guys the following morning were surprised. It was a weird thing to them.
You will not go to hell for sleeping at your in-laws.”

Nobody cares

A mouthy woman on tiktok can’t tell me shit

Mother-in-law anafaa a-witness twa twa twa , between her daughter and husband, ndio down the line, if the marriage hits a rock she can have a rough idea of where the problems are coming from ?

:D:D inlaws are meffi in my eyes. Their importance is overrated. The funny thing is that the little power they have is exaggerated. The only way to deal with them is interact with the parents exclusively. Fucck the rest. Kesi baadaye

The only time men should visit their in laws should be on occasions such as funeral, wedding, paying of dowry and only on special emergencies. Hizo zingine ni umama. Your in laws should know you exist but hardly see you. Maintain the fear and respect between each other na sio kuenda huko anytime you are free or on holidays

This is kinda retarded. Does the same apply to others who call you inlaws?

will she die iic

Nikisema hivo na maanisha side ya pipi
My logic is never give any in-law your time and respect apart from the parents. Vile Jemo amesema hapo juu. Better be the enemy with everyone because no one will be a genuine friend. Any in-law will only be friendly for udaku and money. Just stay away and never return. Thank me later

I get what you are saying. Swali ni, kama mtu ameoa sista yako, si pia wewe to him ni in law wa side ya bibi.

Is the same true that you are only “friendly for udaku and money” and he should “stay away and never return ?”

150 fcker didn’t see it that way,his head is boiling for an answer.
The kind of guys who talk to sound tough but in real sense they are weak inside.


I will never extort any money from my inlaws in any way. Hio politics ni noma ukianza haitawai isha

I am beginning to question the credibility of your degree.

You don’t twa twa ugenini kwa wakwe zako, kwani huna akili? Basi tumia maskio. Huo ni ujinga. If you visit them na ni mbali sana huwezi rudi the same day, organize a room at a hotel for yourself. Bibi anaweza lala huko kwao na watoto. Wewe toka jioni uende hotelini, kesho utaingia asubuhi uwachukue. Watu wajiheshimu waepuke aibu kama hizo

ulimanage kutomba @TrumanCapote?

Why would I sleep at the in-laws? Nini nimekosa? If driving back is not feasible, enda to the nearest market and get a room. Ukikosa? Go to the nearest police post and ask wakuweke ndani. Its better ulale kwa floor baridi but usibishanie choo na in-laws.

Yes. We must keep our professional distance. Again, my in-laws can’t direct me what to do. “Ati lala huku Leo”, haiwezi

We are not actually married but everytime i visit fifteen years old sister ya @PHARMACY mimi humtomba pamoja na mama yake kwa sofa ya sitting room

@PHARMACY naye alitombwa mbuzi ya in laws kwa mkia