Having 2 kids with such a monster


soo sad. hawa watu jameni how do you sexually assault your daughter plus age (ata kama si mtoto) aaaaiiiii. hii ni kurogwa kabisa. hapa shetani ameingia kwa nyumba akondoa kiti ya ukubwa akaeka yake atawale

So painful.

in deed it is pole sana …i dont know what i would do to anyone joking with youngone like that…wah

What the duck?

sounds like a starting porn story, ugh:eek:

People are either mentally sick or bewitched beyond repair. Yesterday I saw on KBC news a case where a man defiled his two year old daughter until she died. In the same area, 20 women and girls have been killed after being molested in grim circumstances. I don’t just know what is happening. I now believe we are very near the end of the world.