Havi Calls Lawyers & Judges Who Went to Alliance Villagers

The President of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Nelson Havi, on Wednesday, November 3, blasted colleagues in the legal practice who attended Alliance High School.

President of the Law Society of Kenya Nelson Havi

In a statement, Havi went all-out against legal minds who attended esteemed high school and are known for wasting no opportunity to mention that fact.

Also, roped into the mess were lawyers, advocates and judges who attended the institution’s sister school, Alliance Girls’ High School.

Senior Counsel James Orengo in court

“There are always two troublesome characters in court, on the bench and the bar: ‘I went to The Alliance’ noise makers,” Havi stated.

He rubbished the alumni, terming the schools as just bushman and bush woman village schools respectively. However, Havi may have not been wrong.

Havi and his daughter Christabel Mideva Eboso

The Alliance High School goes by the nickname ‘bush’ while Alliance Girls is widely known as ‘across’, to mean across the road that divided the two institutions. Notably, students from the schools use the names interchangeably.

Apart from Alliance alumni, there existed another lot of chest-thumping learned friends that made the LSK president scratch his head.

“… and ‘I am a friend of the court, aka Amicus curiae’,” he added.

The outgoing LSK head has also had his fair share of bravado.

Many a time, he has told the story of how he scored a mean grade of ‘A’ minus despite being admitted with the second-lowest marks to little-known Musingu High School.

Some of the alumni of Alliance include James Orengo (unofficially referred to as the walking constitution), Lady Justice Effie Owuor, Justice Partrick Kiage and his own daughter, Christabel Mideva.

Who cares. As if anyone believes there’s anything going on like genuine justice in courts. Just last month some judge was caught with a bribe in his office and others were scrumbling to give him FUCKING [SIZE=7]ANTICIPATORY BAIL[/SIZE]. It’s a stupid money-fleecing clown show

This is what is on the mind of the President of LSK?

Bloody idiot

This dude is 44yrs old but has a daughter who graduated in 2016?

the most useless LSK president , akwende kabisa

Ango, hii Havi ni meffi ya dogi ilikufa mwaka gani na ukimwi?

Christabel is not Havi’s daughter. Where do motherfuckers get this “info” from?

Meet LSK President Havi's Daughter Following in His Footsteps - Kenyans.co.ke

What? Havi doesn’t age.

Waru wa Alliance ni bure they are not creative but regurgitate establishment brouhaha.

You tell us where you get your information from now… :rolleyes::rolleyes:


It is a parent’s pride when their young ones decide to continue the family legacy and follow in their footsteps - a trend that has seen most politicians’ kids step into the limelight and follow suit. Lawyer Christabel Mideva, daughter of the Law Society of Kenya President, Nelson Havi, is a chip off the old block. Mideva is the eldest daughter in a family of three kids. Coming from a family of lawyers, the bar has been set for Mideva to surpass her parent’s legacy, literally. But in Mideva’s case, the sky is the limit. She was recently featured on Palm Magazine as one of Africa’s top legal Millenials - a notable feat.

Meet LSK President Havi's Daughter Following in His Footsteps - Kenyans.co.ke

Boss, Christabel was Havi’s pupil, just like Melissa Ngania. That is why Havi would call her his daughter.

Your source of information is misleading. Uliza uliza tu - utajua. Ask any lawyer ho had been around for a while. Usiulize yule wa mahaga. Hakuna kitu anaua huyo.

Tumesema hapa mara nyingi Havi ni burukenge komba mwiko… mtu bure kabisa.

The President of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Nelson Havi on Sunday, November 14, responded to a cartoon ridiculing his campaign fundraiser.
In a statement published on his social media handle, Havi thanked a local media publication, a weekly columnist and the National Intelligence Service (NIS) for a cartoon poster doing rounds on social media. The cartoon also seemed to downplay the LSK boss’ move to ask members of the public to raise funds to support his bid for the Westlands parliamentary seat.

LSK President Nelson Havi

“Thank you Sunday Nation, NIS and Gabriel Oguda for this wonderful election campaign fundraiser poster in support of my quest for Westlands Constituency Member of National Assembly,” Havi wrote.

The poster depicted Havi, dressed in a green overall, seated beside a wall at the “corridors of power”, holding a hat used to collect donations from members of the public. Also, in the cartoon there is a woman, representing the common citizen, asking the man to clarify what he wants.


“Unatakako pesa ama kura? Chaguako mocha,” the woman in the cartoon indicated -
which translates to “Do you want votes or money? Choose one.”

In addition, on the wall ‘Havi’ was leaning on, were the phrases: ‘Changia Teamavi,’ ‘Chaiguevara for Westlands M. Pig’ which should ideally have read Team Havi, Che Guevara and MP.

Based on the Kenyan context, the term chai, which translates to tea, is frequently used to mean bribes while MPigs has been used in a negative connotation to refer to non-performing politicians.

However, Havi downplayed the cartoon, reminding them that they had forgotten to add how the public can contribute to his political campaign.

On November 11, the flamboyant lawyer called upon well-wishers to contribute to his quest to become a lawmaker in the next government. He provided a paybill number as well as an account number through which they would remit their contributions.

According to the advocate, the money would go into funding his campaign’s four-point manifesto: good legislation, equitable revenue allocation, effective executive oversight and infrastructural development and alleviating poverty.