Have you voted for your favorite blog in BAKE Awards 2017?

The voting phase of BAKE Awards 2017 is now open until 9th May. This year there are 23 different categories ranging from photography, technology, creative writing to human rights blog. To curb cheating, BAKE has introduced a two-step verification process (Email & Text).

MarkMaish.Com has been nominated for BAKE Awards 2017: Best Creative Writing Blog category. I need your vote so that we can win this by a landslide. Voting is FREE OF CHARGE, plus it takes less than 3 minutes. To vote go to http://vote.bakeawards.co.ke

#1 Enter personal details in the space provided.

#2 Go to Category 3: Best Creative Writing Blog and vote (3.d) markmaish.com.

#3 Click on Submit button at the end of the page.

A notification text with a verification code will be sent to your phone.

#4 Enter the code to verify that your number is genuine then Submit.

Please Note
-Voting is FREE of Charge.
-Your vote won’t count if you don’t VERIFY the code.
-The website doesn’t work with OPERA MINI. Kindly, use other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.
-You can only vote ONCE.

Now tag your close friends to this post, share it on all WhatsApp groups, threaten every single person you meet with dire consequences unless they #VoteForMarkMaish then send you a screenshot as proof https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v8/f51/1/16/1f603.png:-D

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@Mark Maish si utuangushie Hekaya yako moja huku pia

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No. Heats first!

Wanted to visit your blog and see what’s there but when it directed me via zukabaga world, nimewacha. Wacha nivotie zile blogs easier to visit like bikozulu.com (I hope he is nominated too)


Apan tambua mark machieth, the only creative writing tunatambua ni hekaya za hapa


I voted for Wachera. she’s my dryfry

Mark Maish huwa mpoa. Some of the most viral articles huwa zake. The uber story was from his blog, the middle class story too. Check it out and you wont be disappointed.

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Lemmie check it out

Usicrick hio link ya kuelekea mukuru, just copy paste the link…

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What is your regular handle here? Depending on how we relate, naweza kukuvotia, otherwise you pay me.

Ati bake?
@Mark Maish = @Gio

Correction kidogo mami
Kind regards
Kip Incognitus.


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@Mark Maish as long as napelekwa facebook zikupigii kura. Weka rink mzuri. We suspend the akanyaliclick rule for once and we get facebooked as a result?

@jumabekavu kuja uone oldboy Wa sobibor

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mark Maina Mwangi niaje

Ako wapi huyo

huyu NV @Mark Maish

Marka Chieth nimejaribu ku click link yako, but inanipeleka Facebook. Toa umeffi hapa

akanyal crick