Have you ever...?

Forged a document?If yes who was your guy?

nilikua na forge certificates za KCSE sana, Adobe Photoshop na Corel Photopaint were very handy, nikaona pesa inakua tamu nika acha

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I once changed a 1 to a 7 on my primary school report form. My parents don’t have an idea to this day. I am that good.

Inbox number tuongee.


UNHCR refugee cards,Land Title Deeds,College Diplomas etc etc. But that was another lifetime. Am a reformed hustler now.

My crystal ball tells me, ‘Kuna Mtu ata lala Mle Ndani’.


I have never forged a document but I have lied on my CV.


go back one last time

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I used to edit my high school report form em days…unatoka shule na E unafika nyumbabi na B+ :D:D:D

so ni diy kinda thing?

Kind of. But when done by experts is better.

I used to forge entry docs,bank receipts,kebs receipts,radiation receipts,cpa certs and many more. But now I’m retired.

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what kind of document? I know a guy who can do diplomas,certificates, leaving certificate

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I alter KEBS certificates to reflect lower mileage for imported 2nd hand cars… hoping to reform soon.


did you by any chance study at Egerton University

I should be in jail.

I have forged quite a number of BL’s (bill of lading), Fumigation Certificates , and packing list’s , but that was back in the day

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pikipiki au kipikipi(if u from greek land) i hve (still pesa haitoshi) been fodging them mpaka mwaura wangu amalize shule

HAPANA! No. I studied at The University of Nairobi. Thats how my very first lecturer told us to introduce UoN…

But nilienda campo na A(plain) na sikucopy