Have you ever spotted a talker?

Like in a completely random manner not the organised meet up and such. Since I discovered the village I have completely abandoned Zuckerberg and the like so am always here on my free time. It got too much to the point that I abandoned a handle coz I suspected my girl got a glance of it.

Kind of wondered what’s the propability a talker has spotted me niki browse tu stories. Have you ever spotted a talker randomly? Tuambie the story and abviously don’t blow their cover just little hints. If you spot me unaeza nigotea.

Always wondered the same myself.

Enda sj hapo karibu na urinal out of ten guys you see seven are villagers

Hahaha, viewing ktalk in public you have to hide like your in pornhub and the likes.

I have met @madova pale M7 land based on little pieces of evidence he dropped here when giving his hekayas…

Nilimulikwa na jamaa fulani akaniuliza ktalk ni nini mpya.I had to deny it was ktalk

ukiona cha mwenzako chanyolewa…



:D:D Hio ndio yaitwa ‘caught unawares’. I’m sure ulijibu na maaibu mingi sana knowing your anonymity was on the line

Waaah nilishtuka sana boss.Niliamua milele sitawahi log in ktalk na comp ya kazi

na hii kiherehere kama yeye ni talker si amekutambua sasa?

Before I discovered Applock, my Wifey snooped on my phone n knew my handle.then i changed. I would be a VS by now

I have…I also know a number of guys in the village but kupata handle yao ni kizungumkuti

akisoma hii commentsi atakujua

[ATTACH=full]159584[/ATTACH] spotted meria in Arusha

Tuliza Boss hawezijitokeza tulipatana ccc boss so obvious unajua chenye alikuwa amekujia uko

Why did you change? Ama you had Ebrufied kijiji?

met 2,one is a very heavy buyer of ethylated contents. I MEAN HEAVY.