Have you ever loved someone enough to kill?

I can’t understand how you can love someone so much hadi you are willing to kill. Why did this girl kill the muhindi boyfriend? And how exactly did she kill him coz I saw the family asking for a blood donation?

Ni mimi nakuanga na roho ngumu ama? Kwani what is the big deal here? Is it over attachment ama? I’m really fearing for people in relationships looks like some people can’t let go to an extent of killing. Mimi in fact the opposite is true, the more I love you the easier for me to leave you coz I have very high expectations for anyone I fall in love with. If you fall short I will move on kama matatu za Rongai complete with the latest music and comfy seats.

Guys can you help me to understand what exactly is it that makes lovers kill each other coz kwanza mimi vile me huboeka haraka na mtu, I am fearing to be a victim coz naona kuna watu huwezi wacha unless you are leaving in a casket.

Hii mambo ya mapenzi tulisema tuachie magaidi, sisi watu wa roho za weetabix the only heartbreak we can withstand ni ile ya Mark Maasai kufutwa job. Otherwise you should be having a goal for the relationship to exist and once you have achieved move on. Mambo ya kukaka kwa relationship which has outlived its purpose is for mentally weak people. Sisi wengine tuko busy tukilipa loan ya China na tukitajirisha the Soprano family attached. Guys say no to violence.


[SIZE=1]mbona foreheads zinakaa pod ya njugu?[/SIZE]

Hehe, ati Soprano. Mario Puzo has many disciples.
People who kill their lovers don’t do it because they love them too much; it’s because they fear rejection so much that they want to end it’s source: the lover. They have to be emotionally dependent of being appreciated that they cannot face life. Those are very troubled, unstable, and dangerous people to be involved with.

That’s the latest name of the Nabii family. The Sopranos. They really do look the part if you see them in a group photo. Season 1 is ending soon once 100th day arrives. Now wait for the real drama in season 2

nipee cloaca nikwambie

Yes, i have. I can kill for her. she is my mother. a death threat shall be commensurately countered

Anayhoooo I really loved my x the Dog…yep that one that did the dirty on me. Yep the one I ‘helped’ settle down after relocating…na tukaanza kuishi pamoja kwangu…how daft is this???:mad:
The relationship ended so badly, I sunk into a mega depression, lost weight and lost myself too. Had to be shipped home to recuperate…he told so many lies about me to his folk back home and to our friends here too…
This goon took our jointly bought car with him too…:D:D:D:D
It is possible to love in extremity…[SIZE=1]never again, nijikute…[/SIZE]

Damn, it’s white-hot hate to be called X the dog! If you ever loved him, no one can understand that kind of love.

Wah. Experience really is the worst teacher. Personally doing anything jointly with a man including my own brothers is alien to me. I believe in men making their own way in life bcz after all this is a man’s world. I don’t understand what excuse any man has not to succeed with all the favouritism they have. Everything is built to favor them and then I come to again help them. Not me. I can help in small things but mambo kubwa I am not your fellow man. Let men help you but not me.

:D:D:DDon’t over read it. But enyewe when I look back, I see a very daft naive self…and I also see a calculating male biatch who knew he was not there for me…
I believe I have written about him extensively huku…

Let me be the devil’s advocate.
This a photo of the crime scene.
Someone was trying to break the balcony door using his foot.
His injury was on the ankle.



Young and foolish I was. But buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I educate my fellow women when the chance presents itself. Kuna mwingine saa hii analilia choo. This gurl, came to join her mum at 18 years old, just about! she is now 24…she met this guy and fell for him madly na wengine wetu tulijua the man is after her papers. Her mum is a good buddy of mine but she is also a very good friend of mine too. And I warned her several times…
She went ahead and married him kwa registrar. Nilikasirika sana…I could see right thru him. They came home together to visit juzi only for her to discover wakiwa huko that he has a wife and kids na wanangojea his papers to ‘stew’…but wait for this one…the father in law was at the airport to welcome the couple, yaaani he is on the scheme.
Shienzi sana Wakenya…
Back to the x…he begged back for sooooo long but I had already accepted he was coming to use me some more and worked on it. These sons of Pharaoh are not for the faint hearted!! You need to barricade your good soul ndio upambane…

I keep telling women, your man is your choice, the product of your own decisions. Choose values, not wealth, or a flashy lifestyle. Not blaming you though, people pretend, and become a pain, so I know you’re wiser now.
It’s bitterly funny, that man’s memory seems like a permanent blight–X the Dog sounds like a title.:smiley:

[SIZE=1]Hapa kuna ka-ukweli inaniuma…we call him the DOG in my circles…what I omitted was there is the word DIRTY somewhere…:D:D:Dhe also took my virginity with him. Ashindweee kwenye ako huko East Lando…:D:D[/SIZE]

You are on record here umeuwa two of your past boyfriends. Tells us why you did

Hush, it’s over now. He’s bad man, you did well to delink from him, and he lost something he’ll never find again. One lesson on life is you might not get what you deserve, but it’s possible to find joy and peace. Good that you now have the strength to laugh at his stupidity.

Choices have Consequences …

Select your Females wisely and enjoy smooth sailing …:D:D


My dear with the problems we have in this country, you don’t even have energy for this kind of drama.

Pole Lakini. Everyone has been through one form or another of character development. Life is like that, you learn through experience. If not a boyfriend then it’s a fundi or a ponzi scheme. It happens.