Have u listened to "ikamba" by Isaiah and Waharaka?

This is not good. All because of charcoal burning


What’s not good?

If its in kyuk translate

@kyuktothecore reply above says it all.

not a mungich,can’t relate,translation tafadhali

I don’t have that guy in my view list. But anyway, never mind.

This is not good in any language. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Hate speech as they come…there’s simply no need to translate umeffi. Save the trees!

niaje Billy, si utuangushie Hekaya moja kama zile threads zako za Twitter

Why do you keep insisting on hurting my feelings? Pris unignore me, priss!!

The chorus:

“Arogi aya mūrokoma maembe nī mathira, Mūtigaiire hanini mūrīe nguya… Mūtigaiirie hanini mūrīe nyoni…”

Hii haiwesi kufanywa translation…Hate speech! Hawa jamaa watakuwa summoned na ole Kaparo team… :D:D:D

@Koolibah leta transleshen in mediatek version

hehehe and the video was deleted by the up loader.