Have black Africans really improved Nairobi City?????

[SIZE=6]Let’s just compare and contrast Nairobi in 1960 and Nairobi today… show me one thing that Africans have added to the city.

The streets are the same. The buildings are the very same buildings!

Even Uhuru park is the very same landscaping and layout left by British architects!

The railway station is the same… same buildings, same HQ, same rails :


Parliament building below is the very same parliament that the mkoloni built in 1954 a full 9 years before independence.

Most of the African workers seen in the footage are Mau Mau slaves/detainees as well as willing njaruo and mbaruhia collaborators who were happy and proud to work for the white man for FREE!

That is why the Luo and Luhya descendants get so angry that their man has never lead Kenya and lived in State House yet their grandfathers built that house and bunge for FREE. :D:D:D

And yes these Western Kenya workers who built the State House as well as Bunge lived in rented mabati shacks in Kibera and Majengo slums . These shacks were and are still owned by Sudnese Nubians to this day. You can call it the curse of the collaborator if you wish.



You can also see a few njaruo, luhya and kalenjin collaborator bonobos below invited to the opening of bunge shaking hands happily imagining all these wealth will soon be theirs.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Nyamakima/river road or Grogan road still looks the same. The same Indian dukas built by the Indians considered “second class” citizens and supervised by the British army or Devonshire something.



Construction of housing is still done the very same way. These are mzungu govt houses being put up but the fake news media lied to the British people back home in England that this was modern Kikuyu housing being put up. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]I think this fake news pathe later became the guardian or BBC. Still spewing fake news to this very day :


So have Africans really changed or improved their city after 58 years of independence??? Nah.[/SIZE]

Most technical school and the so called National schools are mzungu built. We have managed to patch slums all over this beautiful city .

[SIZE=5]You know what I like about this video is that even though it is propaganda the MP shows interest in how the toilets and bathrooms look. How big they are or will they have water/plumbing.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You will never see legislators who are willing to even talk to the workers directly or even shovel kokoto like this MP here :[/SIZE]


Mbaruhia and njaruo collaborators did us a lot of disservice during the struggle for freedom

Ndindu unasumbua

The decline of Nairobi began in the 80s, that’s when things really went downhill.

This is not even a question worth asking. Most of Kilimani, Lavington, Langata, Kileleshwa, Westlands were middle class areas. They were inhabited by government workers and not the rich people presently today. Did we build any such areas after they left for the middle class. If any consistent housing has been built outside of these areas, it’s pretty much been to slum specifications. In Zimmerman a road sometimes leads to a building then abruptly ends. You have to walk around to the next.

Tell them @T.Vercetti

Black Africans were NOT designed to live in modern cities. They had ancient cities long time ago but the government back then were Strictly Socialist.

Africans are Fauna

Blame the agikuyu homeguards

Most if not all of present day Kileleshwa was originally government land but it was grabbed by the political elite.

even the current road reserve mapping is courtesy of mbeberu…he left us good working systems that we could have natured and grown even better but the hardcoded jungle firmware couldn’t let us.


I think the last video are those ‘Malandi’ houses in Changamwe…

Much depends on what you choose to focus on. Much also depends on how old you are and what perspective you have of the old colonial/post-colonial life and the place of the average “native” in it.

All malls eg galleria, 2 rivers, junction etc have been developed by blacks. Also many estates eg Runda, kitisuru, Syokimau etc, bypasses, sgr, raddison blue and other hotels etc etc have been developed by us blacks.

What independence? Kenyans dont really care about cities they only care about their white jesus and their tribal gods

Zile place karibu zote niliishi while in Nairobi, infrastructure ni ile tu ya kitambo na iko strained to breaking point. Sewerage kila saa ni ku block na manholes kulipuka spilling stinky effluent on the streets; maji haiko piped vizuri, uhaba na bowsers kila mahali; stima saa zingine ‘peak hours’ iko dim kama mshumaa, transformers pia haziwezani na load; garbage collection hakuna; kukinyesha ata kidogo ni matope kila mahali otherwise ni vumbi; yaani we literally beg to access services all tax payers should be enjoying uninterrupted. Tunyumba hatukaliki, so cramped that mtu anaweka overhead shower directly juu ya choo!

Mark you, that was just a few KMs from the city center. Wallahi sisi ni wavumilivu.