Have at look at the most powerful men and women who rule Tanzania

So the Rulling Party there is called Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

People that you see in this picture are members CCM Kamati Kuu from both Zanzibar and Mainland

Everyone in Tanzania used to called Ndugu (including the president) and they (at least in the party) still call each other Ndugu Magufuli Ndugu Samia Ndugu Lowasa etc

While in the Govt nowadays they call each other Mheshimiwa (Nyerere hated this) apparently

Yesterday they met at their party HQ in Dar (the building is in a place Kariakoo, in the middle of Swahili residence and doesn’t even reflect the power that the party holds)

Look how they dress…no fancy Savile Row suits. When CCM meet that’s their colour and believe it or not Tanzania is still a socialist country and they’ve refused to remove it from its Constitution which still follows policies of UJAMAA na KUJITEGEMEA

Publicly they will tell you they’re mixed economy and socialism has no place but deep down they’re was socialist in the same manner as CUBA

they look as normal as anyone in the street but these people are the ones who literally rule Tanzania.





Ata Job ndugai ni deepstate

These people do not even look the part…everything looks shabby but they rule over 60 million people

I can see that most of them are still not wearing masks despite losing several members of their party!

This proves nothing!

Show us their houses and bank accounts. Even in socialist China, legislators dress in simple fashion and yet 100 of them are dollar billionaires. The rest are multi millionaires hoodlums. Corruption proper. Xi Jinping mwenyewe in billionaire.

Same in Russia and Cuba. Putin owns dozens of palaces. He is probably the richest person on earth. Fidel Castro used to pretend to live like a pauper yet he lived like real prince.

This is hogwash. Socialism has no place in today’s world. A controlled capitalism is the best model. You toil and moil for your bread and butter without jeopardising the lives and interests of the rest of humanity.

[SIZE=5]Meet former MP Rostam Aziz.

MP for Igunga constituency for 17 years.

Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) National Treasurer from 2005 to 2007 and member of the Politburo/Central Committee of CCM from 2006 to 2011. [/SIZE]

CCM Chairman and Tanzania president, Jakaya Kikwete (Left), promotes Rostam Aziz during parliamentary election at Igunga in Tabora, Tanzania



[SIZE=5]A simple looking socialist MP.

This guy has a networth of $1 billion American Dollars!

According to Forbes magazine[5] Rostam Aziz of Tanzania owns nearly 18% of Vodacom Tanzania, the country’s largest mobile phone company, with 15 million subscribers.[6] Rostam, via Cavalry Holdings, previously owned 35% of the company, but, in May 2014 he sold 17.2% of Vodacom Tanzania to Vodacom Group of South Africa for an estimated $250 million.[7]

He also owns Caspian mining, a contract mining firm in Tanzania, and real estate in Dubai and Oman. Aziz got his start in his family’s trading business and then branched out on his own.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]He is also into insurance and other businesses.

Socialism huh!

[SIZE=5]Meet Mohamed Dewji rumoured to be the richest man in TZ. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]To become super rich Dewji was MP for Singida from 2005 to 2015, ten sweet years under his best friend Jakaya Kikwete.[/SIZE]



[SIZE=5]The rest like they say is history. When rais is your best friend there is nothing that can stop you. Net worth $2 billion American dollars.[/SIZE]

C-19 is unrelenting and now more virulent, a policy shift and behavior change in TZ is a must otherwise many will perish.

Masks don’t save lives madam…

That’s your wish
That was also what many people thought about African countries when Corona started… it’s just bullshit tu

Well, it takes some bit of ingenuity and maybe luck to accumulate $2B, how many have become MPs and still are poor…
Uki mchunguza utapata alikua na generational wealth

Offcourse Mo Dewji is generational wealth he just manages family wealth infact even bila hio ya being MP he would still be rich.The guy despite being born in Tanzania attended a private high school in florida.

Dewji came from a poor Indian family. And like most Indians in Africa his family knew that associating with politicians brings financial goodwill and that is exactly what his father did in the 80s during Mwinyi’s privatisation era and he became a millionaire businessman and funder of CCM campaigns.

He took the son to America at an early age and the boy came back got himself into grassroots CCM politics so he could know who is who. He ran for political office and became an MP so as to cement his family’s businesses and in the 10 years of Kikwete presidency the boy miraculously grew his family’s business portfolio from millions to a billion dollar empire.

Corruption in Tanzania is probably worse than in Kenya because the Kamlesh Pattni’s of TZ are dollar billionaires! All these presidents Mkapa, Kikwete , Magufuli wote ni looters with people who store the looted funds.

And there is no free media in Tanzania to discuss corruption in TZ openly.

Mhindi ni mhindi. Hakuna tofauti ya Mo Dewji na Kamlesh Pattni. Only that the likes of Mo Dewji, Habindar Singh Sethi and Rostam Aziz steal billions of dollars while Pattni stole tens of millions of dollars.

Ever heard of the Tegeta Escrow scandal?

Rogue businessmen including the ones above together with govt officials looted close to Kshs 80 billion from the Tz central bank. And that was one of the few documented scandals.

How are you so easily excited by such obvious PR?

What cars are they driving out in?

Very strange that billionaires shown are of Persian and Indian origin

Actually the richest man in Tanzania is or Yemeni origin anaitwa Salim Said Bakhressa.

Magufuli wanted wanted to create black African billionaires and I seriously doubt if this will happen again.

Indian, Arab and Persian Kingmakers will definitely be back to claim whatever that was taken by Magufuli and if that happens, black Africans back to square 1

Net worth $560 million. How?



I just love the way tz go about their business, wao they’re running their own race.