Hatuwezi ishi ivi


The 5th doesn’t believe in umeffi handchq…

@Gaza kuja hapa u denounce relationship yako na awa watu wa maendeleo ya wanawake, sana sana wale wa Kitale.

Mama Ngina should make a trip to Sugoi to pay homage to the lion of Sugoi, NOT the other way round.

But I guess she should first start huko kwa Nyeri kwa His Excellency Riggy G since huyo ndio atanyorosha hiyo familia proper.

Evil Jezebel inafaa akumuliwe kwanza

I think replies were full of vayulense mpaka tweet was deleted :D:D:D

Ruto should not try that nonsense of handchieth

The royal family of Kenya cannot stoop so low as to pay homage to thieves and conmen like WSR and Riggy G.

The only reason the Ichaweri thugs still have any influence in Kenyan politics and economy is simply because they were protected by none other than Moi. Without Moi, that family would be history. If they are wise, they better lie low.

And Moi was put on by Jomo. Royal family is busy think of how they will manage their billions not paying homage to conmen.