Haters will Hate. But Xiaomi is killing it and this is their Stunning vision of the future

This is not current reality. China is now filing the most patents in the world. If they are so dumb how do they have the best in 5G. In the information age how did they beat US firms to this? In 5G technology China holds the most patents. That is why US is in a quandry . They can only slow the Chinese dominance but in 5G they were caught napping and China took it by a mile. And 5G is the future of everything. So I’d the systems and standards are set by China… The US will have it very rough. That is why they are being so aggressive. Its very disingenuous to claim Chinese covert activity when the US was found out to have bugged Merkel’s phone. Intelligence services are there to spy. That is JD number 1. So. Its ridiculous to claim that China will spy. Of course it shall. Every one does it. US shall not resume global tech dominance anytime soon. And if things go as they are now and the US and China decouple their economies then the Internet will also be divided. And in such a case US loses. Look at the Made IN China 2025 strategy that provoked all this hostility from US.

Lol. These are the only numbers you should care about.

China tech production - $713 billion
US tech production - $156 billion

Even after paying US to use their patents, the US is 5 times less than China.

Remember even the Amazon products on white background patent will be classified as a tech patent. No matter how nonsensical it is.

Chinese patents are mostly in industrial applications such as manufacturing. They have specialized in manufacturing, and have perfected most processes.
These jobs and factories will never go back to the US.
They don’t have the skills, they don’t have the know-how and they don’t have the patents.

A design marvel.
Nothing to ridicule here. It shows a lot of engineering know-how.


Huawei is still making great phones after been cut off from US companies and patents.

Are you intellectually incapable of making an argument.
If you have nothing to say, you don’t have to speak.

hahaha :smiley: you’re a funny one. But I can tell you that patent is worthless and will never see the light of the day.

It has been cut off partially. Just a few weeks ago it was about to be cut off from ARM patents which would incapacitate its ability to make any CPUs. If the ban is fully implemented, even Foxcon (Taiwanese) won’t take Huawei’s orders to manufacture CPUs.

One thing you keep misunderstanding is that China is not innovating this tech (mostly), it is a global factory. If you understand that, monetary outcomes will fall in place. Consumer goods are many, and mass producing them is easy for China than it is for US because of wage differences.

One thing you don’t understand is that most of the core tech patents are mostly owned by western countries and Japan. If China files many patents today, they are just garbage and nonessential (in many cases). Also, if China steals these patents, it cannot sell them outside of China (and maybe Africa cuz of weak IP laws).

No, they don’t have the best in 5G. That spot belongs to Scandinavian countries with the likes of Nokia and Alcatel. The only reason it seems to be leading is because Huawei has economics of scale advantage, which means it can undercut competition through price.

Let’s talk about patents that matter, shall we? What do you think China has that is so revolutionary? Name anything and I will also come up with mine. Remember to support your arguments with credible sources.

I mean Nokia and Ericsson, sorry

Also, according to Bloomberg (2019) Chinese “semiconductor companies also require software from U.S.-based Cadence and Synopsys for design, and equipment from Applied Materials and Lam Research to make physical chips.”

“Semiconductors are the raw computing power at the heart of the technological revolution.”

Until China nails semiconductor sector, it will continue to play catch up.

Remember, I don’t hate China, and I want a capable competitor to Global tech, but China is not there yet. But I’m certain that by 2050 (after many patents have expired and tech has revolutionized significantly), China will lead.

They have the best 5G. The Ericsson CEO admitted as much in an interview. He said parity with Huawei is 2years away… You need more research.

As you can see on my [U]source (Forbes)[/U], Huawei is no where near Nokia and Ericsson in “Value” patents. Also, this [U]other source[/U] reveals that Ericsson has an “end-to-end” 5G patent portfolio, which means that it has “everything needed to build a complete 5G network.” Do more research. Huawei has many patents, but not as “valuable” as the ones by Nokia or Ericsson. It just catching up. Can you link your source?

No country can replicate China’s manufacturing prowess.
Maybe India, and not in several decades.

What you are describing here is a pipe dream.

You can shout on top of buildings that they are just a ‘factory’, but they are pocketing all the money.
And money begets more money.

20 years ago China was filing just a few hundred tech patents. Now it’s in the hundreds of thousands.
That’s exponential growth, but you’re still hanging on to the past.

At least Trump has woken up.

Well, as I have indicated earlier, there is a difference between manufacturing and owning what you manufacture. As China’s average wage increases, this “manufacturing” prowess you keep talking about will shift to India or some African country. What we are actually arguing about is, “who controls this stuff?” Manufacturing power started with UK, then it was passed down to US, Japan, and now China (again, due to wages). But it is not as profitable as high-tech sensitive stuff.

Designing a prototype of anything is easy. You can 3D print all parts.
Industrial manufacturing of the product is where the difficulties start. Designing the machines that will be used, the process etc.

If you draw any product today on a piece of paper, and take it to a Chinese manufacturer. They will manufacture it for you. If they don’t have the machines, they will design and build the machine to build the produc.

China holds most of the Industrial manufacturing patents in the world. And they add many more annually.
Americans come up with prototypes then send them to Chinese manufacturers to actualize them.

Also, China is a leader in high tech.
If you are talking of old technologies like 3G, the US has an edge. But for future stuff like 5G, China has already overtaken them.

Unajua I have linked so many sources hapo juu za 5G patents. Before useme “China leads in 5G,” just read them. What I think you mean is “in deployment,” not the tech.

On manufacturing, naona I cannot convince you otherwise, but India and Vietnam are taking China’s position as manufacturing centers since they are cheaper than the latter. Again (I hate repeating myself :D), China has an edge over other developed countries in manufacturing cuz of wage gap. Ukitaka ku-mass produce your idea in tech, you won’t go to US, you will obviously consider China due to costs. Since China dominates manufacturing, other developed countries cannot just start doing the same because they can’t underpay their citizens just to shine.

But, as China passes the manufacturing mantle to kina India, it will now start focusing on the more profitable and technologically sensitive stuff. Things like designing aerospace stuff (something it has tried and failed many times), semiconductor design and software, and service business (research ya products for B2B, not B2C anymore).

Even if Chinese companies cannot export some of their products to western countries due to patent infringement, they will still have a market back home and probably in Africa. This will still result into profits which will be reinvested into R&D in their native country. A win.You simply cannot contain China.

Our wage is cheaper than China. Why ain’t we ahead?
Factory workers are just the final step of manufacturing.

China has built the world’s largest supply chain. The world’s largest value chain.

A single factory requires dozens of machines, thousands of patented processes. China leads the world in all industrial application patents.
They design and make all machines, all industrial robots.
The final products that you hold on your hand are the results of decades of perfection in China.

Apple can design a good phone in California, but they don’t know or understand how China will translate that into a mass product.

Maybe you know better than BT’s chief architect


If their 5G is so shitty, why did they become so dominant in Europe Nokia and Ericsson’s home market?

Huawei is the only true end to end 5G supplier right now. They spend more on R&D than Nokia and Ericsson combined and its showing in their products.
Just last week they unveiled another miniature 5G bts that is more powerful and takes less footprint and has got providers raving.
Their Kirin chipsets are now outperforming Qualcomm’s. Dont hate the player.


Forbes is an American Centric publication. In these days of poisoned relationships it shall toe the party line. Steve Forbes ran for President on a republican ticket right? There shall be nothing positive about Huawei. I am not sure what determines a “value” patent. Maybe I am not schooled enough in IT infrastructure. What I do know is that Condoleezza Rice told her Chinese counterparts that attempting to eliminate US from the Chinese tech sector as per their China 2025 program was a big mistake and US will retaliate. If US genuinely had the right patents and were able to compete then why use sanctions? Just go to the market and compete fairly. If they say that China Govt is helping then the Chinese claim that the US has unlimited money printing ability because of the Petrodollar.(which is enforced by military might) both are forms of subsidy. Let me find her statement and attach it.

God, you should not be having this discussion if you are still talking of China’s comparative advantage being low wages.
China stopped being a low wage manufacturing destination many years ago.
Their competitive advantage lies elsewhere and it is not easy to replicate.
-learned population. 5 million stem graduates a year
-world class infrastructure
-supply chain interoperability
-work ethic
But hey don’t listen to me, listen to Tim Cook of Apple

A tiny screw shows how China is the manufacturing giant

If you cannot answer this question by yourself, you don’t understand what you’re talking about. China has a lead in both wages and skilled employees. Unataka factories zikuje Kenya alafu who get to work? Kwanza Kenya engineering curriculum is shit (I’m an electrical engineer and I know what I mean here).

Mmmh… do I have to answer this? Cost, of course. Economies of scale, as I said earlier.

Yeah, we can argue how this is biased and that is not all day. But facts can’t be disputed. If you have read the article, the author has backed the claims with raw data, not opinions. And Yes, I’m aware western media is biased against China (and vice versa is true, but i don’t need to venture into politics saa hii).

Hahah, you should just google this. China’s average wage is not [U]even in the top 35 globally[/U]. [U]China’s minimum wage [/U]is around $300 compared to US’ $1200. It still has a significant advantage over many developed countries. Since India is now churning out more engineers (and has a lower average income), manufacturing is shifting there. But skill gap is the reason China will remain a global factory for a while on cheap low-tech consumer goods.