Haters will Hate. But Xiaomi is killing it and this is their Stunning vision of the future


Future? Shitty assed nigga this phone was released like a year ago and we had already discussed it.

Huwawei wanamwaga adverts kwa youtube wakisema unaeza download kila kitu playstore bila google.

Yup. It’s possible Hehehehe… US should just admit hapo walipitwa. And play nice. Till they are able to get some new tech that will allow them to resume dominance… If at all that will happen.

True. Unaeza. Use APK Mirror or APK Pure na utapata kila kitu hapo

Kweli android uliweza penya juu ilikuwa open source unlike microsoft na kuallow play store kutumiwa na other phone companies
Apps ziko playstore are from developers around the world

US will continue to dominate in technology simply because of the brain drain effect. If you yourself was the best programmer and was offered to work/scorlarship for Huawei in China or Google Usa which one would u chose

True. I am more likely to choose Google but that is based on ignorance of Huawei. The US dominance is gone in my view because all rival powers are investing heavily in home grown talent. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that once through with studies most Indian had Chinese students are returning home where there is potential for virtually unlimited growth both professionally and financially. Its not as simple as it was in 2000

shida ni kutumia google apps juu haziwezi hata sideload due to lack of google services

But US does not even dominate technology today. How will they continue something they don’t do?
China is ahead by a country mile.



USA was dominant kitambo wakati they were the only ones producing movies za hizo propaganda. They even don’t produce most of their products at home. Apple, dell, hp, etc have all their factories outside USA spec in China with many foreign employees.

yeah, all production is in China. but I don’t think chinese smartphones are not gonna be the best or take the lead, at least because they have a very uncomfortable interface

Interfaces uncomfortable? Why do you say that? Xiaomi and Huawei have the opportunity to become the biggest in India. And if that happens then they are the biggest in the world. The software they make shall be tweaked to suit their audience. It shall definitely improve and suit the needs of their users.

Hahah :D:D Umefanya nimecheka sana. China has nothing in tech. It just has the capability to mass-produce electronic stuff. US dominates tech (by a very significant margin) through patents. If the US said today no sharing of tech (read patents), I’m 98% sure hakuna kitu itabaki china. China is just a global factory, not an innovation center, and the reason is because of cheap labor and its large and well-educated population.

The only country that can rival US in tech patents is Japan and some European nations like Germany (kiasi tu). Capitalism is not a good system, but it has helped US dominate every aspect of global economy. If government doesn’t interfere with what you do, there is an incentive to research and innovate for monetary gains. China will take time to get there.

Remember, people think China is good at tech cuz it primarily deals with consumer goods that you can interact with. But business to business stuff is not their level (yet) and is more profitable. For example, Samsung is exiting LCD market cuz its flooded by Chinese manufacturers. It’s shifting to more advanced stuff like quantum dots tech that are owned by US company to reduce competition. Another example, batteries and cameras sensors are made in japan by kina Sony, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic, but assembled in China. Mahali China iko saa hii ndio kina Japan na US walikua a few decades ago.

Lol. Did you just wake up from 2003?
China files nearly 3 times as many patents as US.

And its not like patent means a whole lot. China rips and eats US patents for breakfast and US can’t do shit.

Also, most US patents are designed for commercial protection. They don’t translate into production.
A company adds a feature or a modification to something, files the patent with no intention of producing the thing, but rather hoping to license it out in future.
The patents are there to be weaponized, in case another company knowingly or unknowingly infringes on any.

Modern patents mostly don’t mean innovation. It only means who was first to file. And in most cases there isn’t even much technicality in the product.
If you think some piece of paper will stop the Chinese from developing a product, you are very naive.

Plus, with millions of patents filed, no one will ever go through all of them.
Many Chinese products are developed independently, but would be interpreted to have infringed certain patents.

I see many people here are ignorant of the Chinese place in technology currently.
The US was dominating kitaambo. Saa hii they are so far behind that Trump is now threatening action against Chinese companies such as Huawei.
And by the way, now accusations have come up with Xiaomi too.

While China is developing patents for industrial applications, this is what your friends in the US engage themeselves in.
99% of patents are bogus, nonsense, unnecessary and comical.

Amazon won a patent to take photos of products on a white background - https://mashable.com/2014/06/07/photographers-shouldnt-be-too-upset-over-amazons-white-background-patent/#9ijTVkz84mqz

Sony filed a patent to let you skip TV commercial, only if you stand up and shout something - https://fortune.com/2013/04/30/sony-patent-is-hilarious-terrifying/

You should read this insightful article. -
[SIZE=7]Why Are There So Many Weird Tech Patents?[/SIZE]

Patent filing is an arms race. The numbers filed by big companies is published, so they are competing on numbers to seem innovative.
This quote from the article summarizes it all.

David Stein, a patent attorney, says that he sees this at companies he works with. He tells me that once he was in a meeting with inventors about something they wanted to patent, and he asked one of his standard questions to help him prepare the patent: What products will this invention go into? “And they said, ‘Oh, it won’t.’ ” The team that had invented this thing had been disbanded, and the company had moved to a different solution. But they had gone far enough with the patent application that they might as well keep going, if only to use the patent in the future to keep their competitors from gaining an advantage.

:D:D:D:D Shida yenu ni kurukia any garbage on the internet and post it as “fact.” Second, patents are monetized, and busines PAY to use them. Third, many of Chinese “tech” patents are garbage, and cannot affect any supply chain by a significant margin (that’s why US can afford to use them as weapon against China). Lemme give you the real data that you need. Compare Japan, US, and China. Source is OECD data.


Hahaha, wacha ku link insignificant patents hapa, I can also tell you that Xiaomi patented a clamshell phone last week ivi, check tech news. I am talking about what makes stuff rolling. CPU patents are moslty US (even the english ARM relies on US), OLED and most screen tech patents are Japanese… and several more KEY patents.

@Kennedy Maina is China-centric