Hate for Muslims - So Despicable


Explain this?


The bible teaches that we should love and pray for our enemies. If they slap you on one cheek, turn the other.

Unajua ukipost vitu kama hizi you add fuel to the fire.

Well not all of us follow the Bible. The rule of the land, reason and logic guide me. I take no prisoners of religious zealots.

Islam is an idolatrous religion whose main aim is to get everyone in the world to be a Muslim and all govts to implement sharia law.

Unfortunately for Muslims they’re unable to dig into the past and history of their own religion because it is “haram”. (real reason is that any archaeological find would discredit it to its foundations).


Let’s bring it here closer home… Here is Ustadh Ilunga encouraging the Muslims to bomb Churches in Mombasa (Kenya) whenever they kill their so-called terrorists.

If I slap one cheek, she should turn the other. like this


They have been arrested for robbery/vandalism mainly. Hizo upuss za religion police hapana tambua.

http://www.muslims4liberty.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/What-Islam-Has-to-Offer.jpgthe following is what islam commends

also bestiality

Not to justify this but is a Christian free to preach and spread the gospel in a country like Saudi Arabia?

These cowards piece of shyt killed our 158 babies, fakkaz

Not even close. You’re not even allowed to profess it in public. They’re a bunch of violent and hypocritical degenerates. .

To the Saudi Arab, a nigger Christian is the lowest form of human likeness.
Hiyo ndio bei yako.

Ndio shida ya hizi dini,they are discriminative and violent in nature!

Organized religions are for stupid people…

Chuki yote hii imeletwa na hizi dini zenu.Mtavuna mlichopanda!

Your first statement indicates how unqualified you are to talk about the only rational religion of pure tawheed in the world.

Some basics as a starter:


Look at this stupidity!

Unaona sawa kabisa kuua mwanadamu mwenzio sababu ya some Jesus au some Allah?Really?

Niggaz never learn!