:D:D:D:D:D:D kibe is just jelous

Si Kibe pia anadinya wanyanye huko Amerka.

Ni kubaya my dear. Yeye ata ilibidi akatafute mayuu. Wah.

Kibe is being fugwaad by 58 year old woman in Arkansas. Awezi hanye. He can’t go out for drinks.

The way he was saying, a 52yo woman about Esther Musili yet he’s with a 58yo?Is she Kenyan or who else would put up with Kibe?

Yes she’s Kenyan.

Anyone who can put up with Kibe full time deserves a medal. The way he talks about old women like the devil and he is being housed and fed by one, being reared like a chicken. The hypocrisy. Anyway even these women I don’t understand how you can keep a man, just staying in your home doing nothing like Kibe. At least Guardian Angel sings. Kibes work is insulting the same women who are feeding him. I sometimes watch his show where he even insults his own mother. This world is very confusing place sometimes. A 45yo guy. God save us.