Haslas message to central youth


kiyana amezimwa zile za:-



How is melon’s camp doing?

Peleka huyo jamaa nyati house ni spy ya dynasties.

Old video

Why do Western soldiers carry all that only to beaten by cave dwellers armed with a $100 ak47. All that coolneaa and you still lose


Hii nyangau ikishika ngojeeni mpaka 2060 akufe ndio kura ifanyike

Nothing out of the ordinary. What if it was Uhuru speaking and you interrupt?

Did you ever read Muhammad Said Abdallah’s Kisima Cha Giningi?

Kuna mfano mzuri unapatikana pale kuhusu msasi mmoja na mbwa wake… I have no idea about battles or warfare but I think that the inhabitants always fight for and with their whole lives/beings.

The soldiers, despite superior training and equipment and all, are mercenaries, really. Well equipped, well trained and effective, but mercenaries nonetheless. Therein lies the difference.

Nonsense Uhuru is a very easy dude. Sidhani angecatch feelings hivyo. Angecheka tu. Infact juzi tu he has been interrupted severally huko msa ksm nbi etc na alicheka tu…
Temperament is a very key aspect of leadership. Hii hasira yote jamaa anaweza declare war on TZ overnight

Remember when they threw shoes at the president?

We want someone who knows to follow his agenda. All hail hustler nation. All hail hustler. All bow.


That a language only some understand, kibaki would not call him ‘mavi wewe takataka’

Kibaki was not temperamental at all … was very good at keeping his cool. Halikuwa tu apendi upusss. Nothing got in his nerves more than foolishness. He hated bonobo’s stupidity.Kibaki under the same situation would have been: " Weee … wewe ni mjinga, buree kabisa, wewe na burukenge hakuna tofauti". And laugh about it. He had a way of telling u kwa mecho yake wewe ni meffi takataka.