Hasla's daughter tours counties



Ladies and gentlemen we’re all made in the image of God however, kama wewe ulizaliwa kienyeji please try balance the equation for the sake of your offsprings.

Wonderfully and fearfully made


Charlene Ruto is overworking


Photocopy of her pops, Ruto has strong genes.

“Hii familia”. The new dynasty.

Na hiyo hairline kwani ako how old?


selfless servants of the people taking time off their busy private affairs to work for mwananchi, she is not a public servant and not after a salary.

Would you have said the same if Uhuru’s daughter was tangatangaring all over meeting governors? Ama ungesema ni state capture by hio familia.


Uhuru’s daughter would have done the same, were it not for her contempt for commoners

Ako single? Siwezimind kuingia first family

Man Billy Hadi 2032

Daughter wa konyagi 1 kazi ilikuwa bash na mizinga kadhaa pale westie

Wachana kucomplain. Si kenyans walivote Ruto. Wacha muone true colors of this jamaa in the next 35yrs.

But atleast tutaosha mecho with her


Immediate family ya politicians are normally given a wide berth.

Lakini huyu akiingia political arena vile ameanza, she will be fair game for criticism like her father Mwizi 1 arap Singh Mashamba. Bure kabisa! :smiley:

Sikuwahi ona Ngina Kenyatta in the limelight hivi …ruto atatumaliza