Hasla to import tractors worth Sh 31B from Belarus in mystery deal


Tugege! Aki tugege nyinyi!

And just like that; AFC is back in the game. Hii serikali inafuata playbook ya Moi down to the last script.

Tulisema izo state corporations zote zifungwe, mkasema hazifai kufungwa, sasa mjue Arror hana sifa za kutumia lube, jitayarisheni.

Those parastatals which were there during Moi time such as KNTC and AFC were established long before he came to power through expert advise and direction and were major engines in development until he ombwaknid them.

Use 32B tax payers money to import junk tractors from some shithole country, eat 50% commission, i.e pocket about 16B. It is the same maneno na ile import of 24B cheap duty free foodstuffs.

Edit: nimeona the company is selling the tractors at sh 500m, so hii watu wanaghula 31B.

What we are about to experience!


Eti the Belarusians are selling the tractors at $5m (Sh 500m) but the govt wants to pay $320m (>Sh 32B)?


Mbele iko sour tuuu. :D:D

Mtu anataka kupocket a clean 31b plus without sweating for it! We are so shameless!

The govt is not in the business of doing business. You grow an economy by growing the private sector not the govt sector. Kenya on reverse mode, as kamagera wa Naks husema tunapiga esco

Your choices Your consequences

Lol not nabii’s. Haujaona inataka kuimport household goods na kuziuza in 120k dukas

Local politics and governance issues aside, juzi belarus president ally of russia visited fellow ally zimbabwe that has suffered - from self inflicted harm intentionally and deliberately made worse by self righteous europeans. Belarus signed a deal to supply tractors to zimbabwe cementing the political alignment.

Sasa I see pro west kenya jumping jumping here wanting belarus tractors, copying zimbabwe. Oh well! I guess usaid and ukaid are only interested in trumpeting gay rights, not tractor noise.

Why not get reliable tractor brands kama, New Holland, John Deere or Massey Ferguson that have a proven track record, available spares and qualified service providers all over the country.

Watu wachache wataendelea kutajirika

Hio ndio itakuwa scandal ya kwanza ama.Kila serikali huwa na scandal

They are ISO certified.

There is a reason people don’t buy mahindra, hyundai etc cars even if they are ISO certified and KEBS certified.

Watu wanalia na hata hawajaambiwa wageuke waseti doggy. Foreplay na tugege tumeshaanza kupanua meno. Wenye akili washatafuta lube za maana.