Hasla to extend SGR to Isiolo by 2027


Ata pesa ya mshahara hamna

I think it’s a long-term project,more like vision 2050.

More like Vision 5020

It is the kind of project ideal to finance the politicians in readiness for 2027 elections. The Chinese will get the tender, finance the project with high interest rates loans, and give kick-backs to the politicians in billions.

That is how Ruto got is billions to challenge the deep state before 2017.

Yaani they want SGR to go everywhere including Isiolo but Nakuru is where they draw the line? Dafuq.

Good one ifike hadi Kakuma

Lazma watii wale westerns wa Nyanza

Good plan if they could use actual costs, then electricity it.

It’s a good plan, though the cost is not quite right.
We urgently need to be interconnected as a country by means of rail if we are indeed serious with our economy and intra-africa trade. We have recently admitted DRC as a member of the EAC, how exactly do we tap the vast trade potential that exists if we cannot connect by rail?
Infact, we should be lobbying Uganda and DRC to do the same. Even begin by using Lake Victoria as a conduit, there exists so so much not yet done.

Ruto stole most of his money during SGR construction between 2013 and 2017! He is just planning another heist.

It’s possible if they just keep corruption at a minimum. The Chinese guys had better control the entire supply chain except for wages and expenses.

Its not useful in isiolo waste of money

I get goosebumps nikiskia mambo ya kujenga SGR!!!

16% VAT plus 4% SGR levy ndio kiboko ya hasora

Hii nabii strategy Iko sawa. Aim 200% target achieve 50%

We should be thinking of electric trains like other "developed’’ African countries…

Can you find Nakuru on a map ?

mboss Naivasha is in Nakuru

Are you guys serious? Nakuru was awarded city status in 2021. Every weekend so many vehicles ply that Nairobi-Nakuru route. It doesn’t make sense why SGR would connect Mombasa city with Nairobi city then skip and go around Nakuru city only to re-route again to Kisumu city yet Nakuru is right in the middle of that route. Ni upumbavu especially after hearing SGR is being extended to that out-of-the-way, backwater town called Isiolo!