Hasla tells Africa to ditch the dollar


Kitamramba tu wacha acheze na the great us

Aulize magufuli na gadafi… Kitamramba

You know as long as everybody is agreeable and ground rules are set and followed to the “T” we can even use mabbles to trade within ourselves. Lakini binadamu ni jangili, without a very big stick to enforce those rules and a willingness to wield the stick, one party will try to screw the other.

Umeona vile Greece wamesumbua wenzao pale Euro, Germany has been cursing under its breadth wakitafuta njia ya kupiga mtu kiboko.

Thats the only reason the dollar is universally acceptable, ukileta nyef nyef there is no hesitation to put you 6 feet under

Dollar Ni mafi Ni ya watu Kama @Maraiyoiyo na @Ejlif globalist scum

Low IQ bonobo African victim mentality.Other races hazina defeatist attitudes that the average African displays.

If I were the president, the first thing I’d do is to eliminate low IQ people like you with defeatist mentality. A cancer that is hindrance to the progress of Africa.

Punguza machungu mzae. The poster has a point of note. There are some policy decisions you can make chini ya maji. He is cautioning Nabii to quit thinking that because he has Kenyans by the balls, he can hold the dollar by the balls too; and so loudly

Your life is insignificant. Ukidedi leo the world will be the same. Sad.

Mmmmmh. That makes sense to me.

He should print more money. Tukue billionaires hata kama ni siku Moja uwe siku ya kiama

The other month he said the dollar was gonna lose value in a month’s time
He has been proved wrong.
Huyu mjamaa hubeba Tūgeege Vibaya sana. They deserve it though.

Hakuna cha low IQ bonobo hapa even the great muamar gaddafi with all the oil money was send back to the creator , sembuse sisi vinyangarika zina import everything including toothpicks .

He is thinking Africans have brains to invent anything, people who think with their dicks is very dangerous when it rains the only thing they think of is sex


[SIZE=5]In 1967 , 1 USD was equivalent to KES: 14.27 and we had a population of about 13 Miillion.
We had issues , but we had a functioning Government and a robust Economy …[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Fast forward to 2023 , and we seem to be moving backwards on almost every important indicator…
Shenzi Kabisa … :mad::mad:[/SIZE]

We import Paper Clips …
Paper Clips for GOD’s sake … !!! :rolleyes:

JSKS is a true conmaster, he’s got something for everyone, now it’s the world’s turn to feel the heat courtesy of enyi wananchi wapendwa