Hasla amesema for every 2k you save at NSSF he will give you 1k i.e 50% profit

Is this really possible ama itakua a huge ponzi scheme?

Be careful when a naked man offers you a shirt.

Went to NSSF to check account. Was told does not exit after decades of deductions. Bure Kabisa. Ngombe ici

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At what exchange rate to the dollar? Is he planning to massively devalue the shilling?
That’s the only way to pay for it…

Shouldn’t he have started by giving us a comprehensive statement on the state of the Fund…
Not forgetting the ratio of administrative costs vs contributors benefits…
And returns from other savings vehicles…

Next, for every person you bring to invest save in NSSF, you get 500



Ponzi scheme. Many will cry and gnash thier teeth

washwash schemes

We tend to forget NSSF was his and Jirongo’s wallet during YK92. Remember all those useless pieces of land that NSSF “bought”. A hyena doesn’t change it’s spots.

Now go save your 500k pale NSSF alafu uone kama Ruto atacheza kiyeye …Hii ni pure pyramid scheme of which watu wengi watakuja kulia hapa mbeleni

Upuss!!! Uhunye ametumia Kila kitu Ako njaa zaidi

I have saved 2.5million. will I get five million?

The only way he can pay that is if he prints money or devalues the Kenyan currency.

Withdraw hio pesa Argentry Mdau.

I cunt