Has this girl been ever featured here?



Mimi siezi hurumia hizi ghasia. Most women are lazy and unmotivated. kama leo needed to print something nikaenda kwa cyber cafe which is manned by this millenial woman. I ask her kama anaweza print from flash drive then she says no and mumbles something about access which I dont clearly get. namuuliza ‘unajaribu kusema nini??’ then she starts looking up rolling her eyes and curling her lips in a weird manner like a crackhead. Nimetoka nikamwacha hapo akijiongelesha.

Back to this post, this crow is not really selling bedsheets. Call hiyo number imepeanwa hapo ulipe bei ya kijiji 150.


A society should not have unattached women.

auze uma 150 elders tuingilie kati

Facts, most women don’t have the grit and motivation it takes to make it in this world. They always put in some half-assed effort to patch her way through life as she waits for a simp to save her. Feminism lied to these women that they can do everything men do. Now they’re out here unable to earn a living in a recession, and men are smart enough to not take in these baggages any more.

Niko 100% sure hio number ni ya @uwesmake or @Mshutaji Hodari waiting to pounce on foolish talkers and kamua them mbaya mbovu

Offer her pesa ya sheets umkule…hawezi kataa

Although society positions children as trophies, sometimes they are more bother than blessings. Huyu utapata ni single mother and bills related to a child have become overwhelming

Sioni shida hapo.

Kama hamkua mnaona wahindi na waharabu wa coast wakifanya the same thing in kanairo in the early 90s sijui mlikuwa nairobi gani. Wengine walianza na mguu kiasi as biz picked up wakaanza nduthi.

Walikuwa wanaingia huko leafy suburbs na some serious textiles and material wakichocha wamama zimetoka nchi gani…
They made mad cash. Sometimes walokuwa wanakuja twice a week wednsday and thursday.

Kuna mwarabu alinikalisha kwa nduthi yake kunionesha how to ride…his name was omari.

Dame achape tu job awache siasa.

[SIZE=5]The UDA Bottom-Up Sugoi Hustler Conmen dominated “Shareholding” Government of Zakayo and Riggy Gee has caused a lot of suffering and misery to ordinary , hard-working Kenyans …[/SIZE]


Support this Woman in a Genuine way if you can …
But don’t make fun of her predicament …

SHENZI SANA … All of You …[/SIZE]:mad::mad: