Has Kindiki stepped on live waya after ordering arrest of Pastor Ezekiel??

It seems like so going by the way Pastor Dorcas Rigazi came out guns blazing defending the Church.
She openly criticised the state for branding every other man of pulpit a criminal and throwing them in jail obviously coming to the defence of the pastor. Remember when pastor Ezekiel held that huge crusade at Kasarani, his host was none other than Pastor Dorcas.
Her husband @Riggy G also echoed the wife’s utterances.
It seems like Pastor Ezekiel ain’t going anywhere…and The Soprano @Midget could soon be in trouble especially because of his major flop in the ongoing operation to contain akina @Gaza

tafuta kazi mzae uwache kupost upussssss

Whatever kindiki does,just know it’s orders from above. By all means,he wouldn’t take any orders from the self-proclaimed freedom fighter.


Rigazi"s wife naona kama ako na short circuit mahali. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici


Pastor Dorcas was not defending Ezekiel if what I saw in the news was accurate. She is just echoing the opinion of most Christians countrywide that even though some clergymen are corrupt, the government should not pass a blanket condemnation on the whole church

Chifumbuuta, she could have come out of her hiding place long before Ezekiel was arrested. Huyo Dorcas, Ezekiel, kanyari, na yule mama mwingine wa kufast in the state house hawanaga tofauti. Fraudsters

As I said it’s difficult for one man to finish off more than 100 people without involvement of government powerful big wigs , huyu Mackenzie hayuko peke yake .

Rabankatereree chomanterereereree

Sijui ni mimi but pastor dorcas now looks less prettier than pastor dorcas at inauguration…mpaka accent banae. Kwani tumecheswo?

Kikuyu women ukikaa nao kwa nyumba na chakula iko kazi inabaki stuffing their faces kama nguruwe bila exercise. Within one month of marrying her she will be snoring in bed like an old lorry going up Kinungi incline.

Njaruo relax

si yeye and that zinjathropus of a husband walisema bar zote zifungwe coz of a few illicit brew sellers :D:D.
ama kuna selective blanket condemnations???



Sawa…but hio change ni drastic. Hebu try tu compare now and then…i couldnt believe it jana when ticker read pastor dorcas…tafauti nikama day and night. Noma sana.

Kuna difference na kunona kujaza mashavu na kubadilika kama make over.

There is no better avenue for money laundering than those big churches

Very true ata akina Kiengei are eating with big spoon