Has Anyone Here Ever Experienced This?

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Some of the more interesting aspects of luo culture.
The perception that Luo women are promiscuous is a generalization, yes, but it’s founded in Luo tradition.
Men and women were encouraged to have children with other partners for two main reasons:
a) Diseases were rampant and your entire family could be wiped out. Your illegitimate children would then survive you.
b) If you were impotent, your wife would cover your shame by having children with another man.
Luo homesteads would leave a chink in the fence for a woman’s lover to escape through, should her husband walk in on them. However, the whole thing was a well choreographed act because the husband was required to “warn” his wife’s lover of him impending arrival.
Everyone was therefore happy, their dignity remained intact and life went on.


unaenda kuiba na unatoa nguo zote?

The sickle cell anaemia is rampant in the Luo nation. That is why Malaria is deadly in Nyanza.

sickle cell is actually a natural defense from malaria. But it also means that luos who move to nairobi are always stressed out becuase the air is thinner in nairobi and they find life harder to breathe. Ndio maana wanakuwanga na hasira hivyo

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The sickle shape prevents the malaria plasmodium from entering the cell, but it also limits oxygen uptake.
Watu wa malaria zones: Luos, Luhyas, Kisiis should examine their family history before marrying each other. If they both carry the gene, it may be wise to abandon the union.

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Masaais did it too. They would have a lover come and put a spear in front of your wife’s house.