Harsh Business Lessons

Mwanaume ni kubahatisha. You never know which hustle will pan out. As a hustler, msee hujaribu hustles mob mpaka upate yenye utakafunga ikikubali. Over the years, the most important lesson is that you should always start small. Doesn’t matter how much research you have done, because theory and real life are always different. Learned this the hard way. For example, ukiamua kufungua a gaming lounge, uanze na play station moja. If you can’t make money with one machine, you damn sure won’t make any money with ten. If you can’t profit from one acre, you are sure not to profit from 10. This lesson has saved me from many bad ventures by preserving my capital.


Sometimes great risk brings equally great rewards. Well thought out manenos. Sijasema muweke mbeca mingi kwa muhindi.

In my opinion, great risk only makes sense if it is CALCULATED. How do you calculate risk? By testing the market and having a proof of concept first. If the test is good, you can then take the big risk. That is my opinion though. There is a reason why large organizations have pilot projects first before investing billions in new ventures.

Unfortunately this wisdom eludes beginners thanks to the devil called greed.

Kama ukona 100k ya biz. Tumia 50k pekee. Pekee. Hio fefte ikimeza maji toroka na hio fefte ingine. Ikizaana rusha hio fefte ingine ndani. Zama kama hakuna kesho.
Now the problem is usually to determine what is to ‘start small’ na ni how much

Reminds me of my first trades when I cranked up the leverage to 50X.

mtu random sometimes you have very viable pts and ideas. a case of very diverse expertise. Big up