Harry Belafonte, Calypso King Dies at 96

Singer, actor, producer and activist Harry Belafonte, who spawned a calypso craze with his music and blazed new trails for African-American performers, has died of congestive heart failure at his Manhattan home. He was 96.

An award-winning Broadway performer and a versatile recording and concert star of the ’50s, the lithe, handsome Belafonte became one of the first black leading men in Hollywood. He later branched into production work on theatrical films and telepics.

As his career stretched into the new millennium, his commitment to social causes never took a back seat to his professional work.

An intimate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he was an important voice in the ’60s civil rights movement, and he later embarked on charitable activities on behalf of underdeveloped African nations. He was an outspoken opponent of South Africa’s apartheid policies.

Belafonte was set to receive the Motion Picture Academy’s Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the Governors Awards ceremony in November 2014.

Among the most honored performers of his era, Belafonte won two Grammy Awards (and the Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000), a Tony and an Emmy.

Harold George Belafonte Jr. was born in New York but was sent to live with his grandmother in Jamaica at age 5, returning to attend high school in New York. But Jamaica’s indigenous calypso and mento would supply crucial material for his early musical repertoire.


True Legend

MHRIP. He was not a kaisonian. According to mighty chalkdust it was brandy mixed with water.


Hole on the bucket. What a song. Tukutane majuu soon

Ng’ombe ici

A legend rests…

Damn RIP.

RIP Legend. Your legacy lives on

A life well lived. Doing what one loves best. And the activisim too. Rest in peace.

R. I. P to the legend.

Long version. The best.

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Lord blackie is one of my favourite calypsonian. Lord Brigo,Lord kitchener,mighty sparrow,Mighty Duke waliwezaaa.

Is there no one else left to outlive Tony Bennett

RIP king of Calypso. Paradise in Gazankulu.

Belafonte’s music has left an indelible mark upon the world of the arts. He certainly loomed larger than life. His warm voice coaxed the world of imagined characters into an almost palpable existence. To me, the world he created in his music crystalized into something like memory–it’s as though I did see those people.
(In Come Back Liza, you could almost feel the anxiety of the young man standing at a corner of the marketplace at sunset, waiting to feel Liza’s warm embrace!)
May he rest in peace.


Some brilliant actors did a beautiful theatrical rendition of Belafonte’s song, Hole In The Bucket:


Harry Belafonte and Muhammad Ali…
“It’s hard to be humble when you are as great as I am”(one of many thousands of Ali’s quips)

Belafonte was an integral contributor to the success of the Kennedy Airlift Program, in collaboration with TJ Mboya.
That alone is enough contribution to Kenya.