Harry and Meghan Markle.

I believe that no matter how toxic your family is, wao ndio watakuosha meffi ukiwa bedridden and vegetative and therefore it isn’t a wise idea to cut those ties completely juu ya mtu mwenye sio even your relative.

Verdict: Harry atakuja kujuta wakati Markle would dump him

Verdict: Nobody gives a sh’t

Harry is in the throes of major manipulation, control and isolation from family and friends. Once this stage is complete, ndio ngoma ya devaluation, psychological and emotional abuse itaanza.

Meghan just looked like your typical woman who wants to be a princess but cannot behave like one. Women want to be treated like a queen but forget a queen is still the king’s husband and should not be ratchet.
It is why she complains about royal life but still wants all the benefits. Says media doesn’t give her privacy yet releases story after story after documentary. Just a normal woman who doesn’t take accountability and sadly Harry has simped for her

The only family you expect help from when bedridden is a loyal wife if you are lucky to have one.

Hawa wengine ni meffi, taka taka!

They have enough money to hire doctors and medical personnel full time. Megan will never dump him. At best she was a C rated actor. Now she’s a A lister in Hollywood. She picks and chooses what to attend. Commands how much to be paid.

They release material for financial reasons. Just capitalizing on a buzz. It’s all very well planned behind the scenes. In fact those releases are executed by some Hollywood producers. They want to agitate and stir enough to create a marketing frenzy. Come back 5 years from today and their networth will be in the stratosphere.

In which universe do these exist?


The royals and other whites discriminate against her basically on racial basis