Harmonize amecheswo

Vijana marry from your lane and ethnicity. This guy was looking for a White model and ended up marrying a KUNGURU.


We keep saying here alot and i will still repeat it for those fools who have no ears.

Marriage is a woman’s end game. That’s why single mothers are deeply frowned up and despised by the society - they couldn’t flip their fast-fading youth for a long term commitment from a man.

A man, especially with resources ( or even without ) usually has almost next to nothing to gain from the union. Sure, u might get kids, but its the woman who ultimately gets to decide the paternity, IQ, and general psychological upbringing of those kids. Most men have very little say ( if any ) on how their kids ultimately end up to be, despite spending a collosal amount of mental and financial energy bankrolling then.

Speaking of kids, women are generally only capable of having healthy tois up to the age of 35-38. Nowadays by 40 women are terribly worn out and sexually dead - many will have a hysterectomy before this anyway. So if u marry her at say 25, u have less than a decade to capitalize on a union which you are bound FOR LIFE. Pretty dumb decision if u ask me. On the flipside, an average fit and healthy 40-year-old man is just getting started. In fact, he is just a kid who has more than 40 disease-free years left on his bid, more if he stays away from drugs and alcohol.

Men should accept that we are just a step above wild animals in this world, as far as lack of social insulation goes. You are alone, you will always be alone and most probably also die alone. Its a sad thing that most men come to this inevitable realization at 65, after wasting their prime years trying to please women or attending to every whim their offspring.

Wanaume muache ufala

But harmonize hakumtreat like a queen she is…She deserves a king who will treat her right…

A cautionary tale.



Looks like a typical bimbo Kardashian wannabe with the collagen lips, tits, ass, and the tattoos. Give it a few years she’ll be looking like Philip Moi’s ex-wife.

Even for a white girl, she isn’t beautiful. Ukweli usemwe. Hamna chochote hapo.

Peasant in Chief

Enyewe watoto wa siku hizi wako taabani. Back in our days,the only body modification kwa wasichana ilikua kuvaa kakitu kaingine kanakaza tumbo hadi irudi flat na lipstick ya green ikipakwa inaturn red. Hizi za sasa hadi iko na baloon kwa matee tee na mattercore na kidogo kwa lips. What du yu expekti? Pole kwa msiba uliomtokea harmonize. He’s still a kid ,ajoin the six pack crew,too bad kako na pesa

Huyo wa moi ni afadhali atleast anakaa kufikusha forte huyu ni 26 na hayuko vizuri

Pewa Jugdaniel msito

Serves him right. These illiterate TZ artists worship super lightskin women going by the video vixens they prefer. Look at this particular bonobo. When singing about a “normal” relationship, the girl is nearly white


But when the subject of his song is slightly retarded with several physical flaws he decides it’s the right time to cast a dark skin girl


This is just another Juliani/ Brenda Wairimu bullshit. Hapo hakunanga ndoa. Acha nitafute Mandazi na chai. mumeanza umama mapema sana.

Harmonize is a beta male, always has been and always will be. Isn’t he the same guy that said he broke up with his previous girl coz she wanted diamond to get her pregnant.
Sasa ikifika point your chik openly tells your friend that she wants him to spew his seeds in her hiyo tutasema nini hapo

Unajua watu watainterprate hii message wakose kuoa instead of marrying up.

If ur going to get into the marriage trap/ scam. Atleast do it with your equal or better

That is not a white woman. On top of being called Nasra Selemani, you can spot fillers and skin lighteners on her face from 2 kilometers.

Weh inakaa hujui hizi ndoa za sikuhizi. [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Never marry up at all costs. Ile siku mwoman wako ataona ako na pesa kukuliko ndio utaona moshi my friend. Tales have been told where women got promotions and turned from Cinderella to Medussa instantly.

Im seeing harmonise for the very very very first time.
Wacha acheswe.

The results in question are for a child that Harmonize thinks is his from a different Tanzanian woman, not this white lady. the white lady is actually helping harmonize and not the other way round.
and from the story below harmonize is actually single…he never married this white lady…it was all scripted for a song

Harmonize after DNA test :D:D:D