Hardworkimg Mt. Kenya Women Nabbed Ferrying Their Cash Crop To Nairobi

Caroline Mariwa and Nancy Wangari



Wacha pang’ang’a, hao ni waluhya wametoa bangi western.

Old story but they are Kikuyu


This is usually a set up.While the cops are focusing on basking in the glory of arresting this small fish,kuna courier imejaza Marijuana kwa FH inapita same route ikielekea Nairobi bila wasiwasi.

Sioni shida.

Hawajaua mtu. Police should concentrate their efforts on cults

Let the police train their guns on dangerous cults and Pokot terrorists. Wagwachane na fangi

Bonobo the story is about bangi ama kikuyus, ojingaists you are as thick as porridge.

By the way us kyuks may be small scale producers of bhangi but we seldom consume it as is the case with dwellers of Western and Nyanza

If you are ferrying anything illegal have the value of your cargo in cash and be ready to lose both the cargo and the insurance at an instances notice. If this cargo was valued at say 500k, have the 500k in cash. And please don’t drive around in a car that gives every cop enroute a hardon, anyone driving anything illegal in a probox or a sienta should just be arrested, unless it’s a fairly new probox and you can drive like those waguruki of muguka, just get between them, turn on the lights and you’ll either die or you’ll deliver really fast, cops won’t stop you even once. <<I have done this once a few years ago.