Do you know unless wewe ni distributor you cannot get major brands za kina cement, paints and some iron sheets? Those brands have a distributor per region so you have to buy in the name of the distributor naye mnaadikiana kama 20bob for every bag of cement

Badala ya hardware hata afadhali kuweka software

Another big problem facing the market is wholesalers/factories selling directly to the consumer @ factory/wholesale prices.

Yeah. Actually nowadays iron sheets you buy direct from the manufacturers

I experienced it in my kalocal hardware. Kra wanauliza mpaka receipts za madeni za watu wenye hawajalipa

whole sellers wako wengi plus manufactures these days sell to you directly



Hiyo ni league ya Keroche,then all that is stolen in 4.5 days.

That is correct! And then we are shown the middle finger? Mtado?

Wee. a taxi claim of 9.5 billion over 6 years? Kwani how much revenue was this store generating in a year? seems it was doing pretty well

Kumbe the guy is a big time crook.