Hardened kunguru finishes off NBA player

How is this even legal? A total of 43m dollars just to raise the child mpaka afike 18yrs old.
Hardened kunguru meets the young NBA player when he was just 17yrs old and traps him with pregnancy and marriage. And BOOM , hata honeymoon haijaisha and she files for divorce:D:D:D:D

She played her cards so well. But I pity Western men manze. The feminist system is against them completely.



Wacha tu nibaki kenya


Aliona nini kwa nyanya mzee wa thirty years while he is barely twenty. Now he will have to pay her 2.4 millions per year for the next eighteen years.
Anyway Welcome…


Dude is 22. Bitch is 29.
Bruh was played.


Waaaaah! Message ya kijiji ya tattoo haikumfikia mapema?

this is where you hire someone to kill the bicth

good lord…i once said a huge paycheck + a simp = catastrophic disaster…as a man, pray tht financial success comes after uve crossed the simpshit vallry

Leo MGTOW batallion wakona efidens tosha…enyewe in the USA being a man ni sida tu… na by the way okuyu akienda huko and start production of arimis…si anaweza Omoka…(just thinking aloud)

kwani they dont have lotions huko?

:D:D:D variety is the spice of life. Ka lotion pale, ka arimis hapa…

$200k ni ksh20m per month ama nimepiga hiyo hesabu vibaya? What is the justification for that?

Secretly filed for divorce. Blacks hawana bahati. And the US is encouraging such behavior. I mean if a lady can divorce the man immediately after being pregged the judge should set the cs to the lowest amount. But no.

Any sane judge should have noticed whats going on here and been a little bit fair.

That woman doesn’t deserve to live.

Older women give it up good and mother you at the same time. Nigga didn’t see it coming.

:D:Dso the crow can live out her life without ever doing any work?? this nigga needs to hire some tyrones wado driveby

Alioa dame anajulikana juu ya kutwerk na skills zake ni mwili(kuiuza). He was the highest bidder, sasa acheze kama yeye. Can’t make a whore a housewife.

If his lawyer(s) did not enlist the services of a child psychologist, then walitupa mbao. This being used now with juvenile cases to argue for lenient sentences

I won’t be surprised if 25 years from now, She’ll be in the -ve financially.