anyone here knows where I can get a [SIZE=5]Brand new hard disk[/SIZE][SIZE=5] tried jiji and they are wrapping 2013 Hardisks with anti-static wrap and passing them as new.
I need a 3.5’ 4 TB one. preferably [/SIZE][SIZE=5]a WD Red [/SIZE]

WD ni mto ya kuotea mbali a slight mistake you is screwed. Tafuta transcend.

Boss we chukua hard disk pale Jumia.com na uendeleze safari ukishidwa jumia jalibu kilimal.com jiji wachia wakora

jumia is worse than jiji atleast with jiji you can see and feel what you are buying

lol they are one of the most trusted brands

Bro, I am speaking from experience yangu iliangua kutoka kwa night stand which is less than foot high ikazima yet my 4tb transend has suffered some abuse but it works perfectly.

Hiyo ni issue na shock proof case. but hard drive haifai kuanguka hata ikiwa na hiyo rubber.
WD, seagate zote ziko top end.

I am aware they aren’t supposed to fall but io kitu haitapatii mtu warning… I will stick to my transend.

Some Seagate drives are notorious for failing …

Fun fact, hard disk zinakuja na date of manufacture na serial. Just look up serial number online utajua

Enda pale Jamia mall kwa shop ya waria ya kuuza laptops. Utapata some good hard disks. Bought a 1TB transcend hard disk back in 2017 till date it still works as new.

If in a good position get an ssd instead of a hard drive. I am getting rid of them pole pole.

Like ST3000DM001; very, very notorious. And it was cheap, so I know people that bought large quantities and dumped TBs of data in them. Then one morning you wake up and its disappeared from the bios, never to reappear again.

Personally I’ve used WD SSDs and HDDs for as long as I can remember and have never had issues with them. Consumer grade drives are basically nearly all the same in terms of reliability.

i already have a ssd(wd green 120)
nadai ya kusetI kama media server and getting a 4TB ssd would cost an arm and a leg

I’m building a plex library with HQ 1080p & 4K movies some with HDR and I want something big like a 4TB nikipata pesa i buy another 4TB one and configure them with raid 1
I already have downloaded about 100 Movies and I’m running out of space despite them all being encoded using HEVC

Tafuta Seagate Barracuda

The only thing I would do different is avoid raid 1 and just do disk striping because of the loss of one of the 4tb disks for parity, and the cost in terms of cpu cycles in parity calculations. I don’t think that is additional strain you want to put on your cpu that’s already decoding 4k video. Raid configurations do well where you have a dedicated controller to which such calclations are offloaded.

I would opt to go for an inexpensive external drive for redundancy purposes. I would look into NAS type setups if budget allowed.

Anyway, that’s just my 2c.

sijai elewa vile hii plex hua ina work though its very popular, ebu fafanua kiasi, is it a streaming service ama ina work aje

You want one ya kuweka kwa desktop ama you’ll use it as an external drive with an enclosure or a docking station?

When you cannot find anything ingia Amazon pata mali safi you will only add 850 or so for shipping and tax.Could be the same price unaambiwa hapa but you get hard drives that Americans get. Hapa Kenya hata mtu anionyeshe hard drive iko na health ya 102% it is a gamble a won’t want to take.