Harambee Stars finally makes history

By beating the much fancied DRC 1 nil in their Kinsasha backyard, a goal scored by non other than Eng. Michael Olunga in the 65th minute.

This is a big day for Kenyan football, I will hold a huge party for the boys once they land at the JKIA…

Was watching the game live on KBC.
Though the commentary was pathetic.

Every dog has its day!
Go Harambee Stars Go!

Lakini DRC have a nice stadium. Even the attendance was good.

Long live coach ‘king’ Stanley Okumbi.

You will be carried shoulder high and paraded in our stadiums while being called very sweet and juicy names, especially by the loud mouth who sneaked you through to that position, Nick Mwendwa.

Enjoy it while it lasts bruh, very soon they will be chasing after your throat…:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Enyewe hiyo nyasi ilikuwa gureeeeeeen, hata wachezaji walikuwa wanafurahia kuanguka. Wakijaribu hivyo Nyayo ama Kasarani watabakisha steak mingi sana kwa kiwanja, creating some good mutura biz for @Wakanyama

I hope that goal ilikuwa @shoti_mzito

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D CHIEF commentary kwa hio tv yako ya SQNY lazima ni wa Chinese walikuwa wana commentate kichinese . SONY 3D yangu ilikuwa tu sawa .

Buda unless vous parlez francophone, hio commentary ilikua down!

Someone enlighten me because i cant tell whether we qualified for the world cup or not? Google is not being clear…

Friendly mere.

so why the excitement if it counts for nothing?

It was FIFA commissioned so it will greatly improve our continental and world ranking, especially keeping in mind that it was an AWAY win…