Happy Valentines Day

[SIZE=5]From Dr Rexx Simba to ALL the BBBW Lovers in here …
Enjoy Responsibly … [/SIZE]


Enjoy Responsibly hahaha , kufa drereva kufa turniboy.

[SIZE=5]IF …
Near Death Experiences are Your kind of Thrill …
You might want to go in this direction …!!! [/SIZE]:D:D



Darktari the day your wife finds you jerking off to these whales in the dark you will come crying to villagers for solace.

Acting aside.

To all responsible and committed spouses, including my all time crush @TrumanCapote, i dedicate these 4 love longs to you, ilegeze mioyo yenu na kuyarejesha mahaba ya hapo awali when you were still naive.






Only Juveniles jerk off to pictures … :D:D

Thanks sweetheart Happy Valentines to you too.

@rexxsimba you begin very well , then una potea ROTO tank hapana taka . mdau .

BBBW’s are an aquired taste …
Think of it as my contribution to put an end to the Serial Body Shaming that is so prevalent among the Juvenile population in here …

Be assured that you will be seeing more in the comming days … :D:D