happy Utamaduni day

Now that our able minded cabinet secretarys walikaa chini wakakosa agenda ya kudiscuss they came up with this.

I can give you 10 reasons why utamaduni day is more relevant to Kenya than boxing Day

Fungua mizinga kwa kichaka

Na mbona Admin is wishing me a happy Boxing day hapo juu?

We are waiting

Utamaduni my ass!

-Most Kenyans don’t even know what boxing Day means
-Most Kenyans don’t receive excess presents to warrant boxing Day
-It’s our country, we can pick and choose to change any day of the year to be what we want it to be

  • Our customs are dying fast with the increase of single mothers
  • Foreign religions that we adopted have Easter and Christmas and Ramadan and Idd. At least now we have one day to celebrate our customs.
  • To upsets wazungu worshippers that we have removed another relic of colonisation.
  • Change is always good
  • It seems like the best way to end the year. To have a holiday that reminds Kenyans who they are.

Those are eight
[SIZE=1](You had to fix single mothers in here, ok)[/SIZE]

Okay I’ll correct that one by switching it with the ambiguous term “broken homes.” There are too many broken homes nowadays.
9) it makes the government spend money. After it takes shape and becomes a thing, this holiday will get the government to spend money to support it.
10) It will bring the people together.

Traditionally all luhyia subtribes usually hold cultural events on the 26th so to us its perfectly in order…today I have 5 events to attend in three counties

Utamaduni day is total nonsense!

unajua boxing day is an international holiday. hizo remaining 360 days. (minus 1st january easter.etc) hawangepick a day.