Happy new year wishes

Hi bros, sis’, na admin.
Mine is to wish u all a climbing 2016. May you climb up from ur current level to the next to the next and next.

In all, trust God, for God, is bigger than all ur fears, bigger than all ur doubts, bigger than all your lack, bigger than any mountain u can or can not see. God is bigger than anything.
May God keep you, watch over you and yours, and may His favour become your shadow in light and is dark.
May you triumph and scale higher than you ever aspired.

You, Ktalk family, are a special people.
Happy new year friends


Amen. Thankyou Ma4.

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happy and prosperous new year, M4

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Amen and Amen thanks and Happy New Year sir Mabenda 4

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amen to that and happy new year too bruh

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Amen dear…

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Happy New Year talkers

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a climbing new year it is. Happy new year to you too

climbing??tabia baya iwachwe 2016


my bad, meant climbing only you and the corporate ladder :smiley:

Were are result of climbing :cool: happy new year!!!

Happy new year to you sir and all crazy ppl in this village…[ATTACH=full]25890[/ATTACH]

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happy new year … :rolleyes: