Happy new year (and resolutions)

In this last day of the year, I sincerely thank you all for your kind words, wishes,whatever happened, I enjoyed because of you all! Pardon me my mistakes, forgive me for the misunderstandings, Communication Gaps, Hope to have better blessed year ahead with all your support, blessings and wishes. Wishing you all a very great, happy, healthy and wealthy year ahead… Happy New year 2018…

Happy new year all Talkers.May God grant you all your wishes come 2018.

Pardon you for your mistakes!!! You are not in a relationship here with anyone so don’t apologize for being yourself.

Happy New Year Chief, tumeona mingi its just a number and excuse to celebrate. Kesho ni hesabu like every other 1st day of the month.


However much I would like to say Happy New Year too know that we are still in 2017 and if you died on 31st Dec 2017 at 23:59hrs you grave stone will be engraved “he/she died on 2017”. Stop wishing people a New Year unless you can forsee.

Wewe kujia pombe mbili kwa bill yangu.

Narusha paybill kwa inbox omwami.

why is this under News & Politics bwana chief?
Anyhooo…have a Happy New Year!:slight_smile:

Kijana meria mata, habari yako

:frowning: I have to get married before February 30th.

Merry new year Village Chieth.

Cheers kijana wa zamani

Nef niliona nef mwingine akitafuta reach husband CL. Huyo ni wewe ama imposter?

link pris?

if it didn’t specify “whites only”, then it wasn’t me.

wassap kemunto?

pour sana excess

Godspeed to you all in 2018.

cum over

send uber and kfc

The only way you can be sure of seeing next year right now is to lock yourself in a room mukulane hadi 00.01…

A Happy New Year to you and to everyone else.

May we all have a blessed, tolerant, loving, compassionate, productive and corruption free 2018? God Bless