Happy Independence Day Somaliland

Wishing you a happy joyous Independence Day for the great country of Somaliland

Despite lacking international recognition, we still recognize you as part of the Arab heritage

Wishing you and your clan a happy one


Still #OneStarWillRuleThemAll

Niaje geriile swine ya daadab?


Kwani wa-Italiano waliwaachia flag pamoja na basta?

Wazi M.B.S


We are Arabs… not Catholics

Our food doesn’t take our Arabia belonging

and al forno goat meat…

The reason why you know all this food as an African is simply because the whole of CBD is now ours for hotels

This is where these ‘Somalis of Arab’ go wrong: Clanism

No, for some reason i study our enemy. Where were your arab brothers when you were being colonized by Italy?
Aren’t you ashamed that everything that shows you as a modern society is inherited from Italy and not Arabia?

Yaani watu walipata independence 1963 na ma ghassia bado zime coloniziwa na Kenya , kweli Kenya ni wazito I think in the whole world Uhuru Kenyatta and Vladimir Putin are the real Alpha presidents having colonized Somalia and Crimea kwa mpigo .

In other news msomali ,mwarabu , muisilamu na muhindi ni mafwi ya dogi ilidedi last year in my eyes

@Nachunisha Majamaa Sukuma

Abeed sema.

You are not Arabs.
You are Cushites.The kind Saudis brainwash but enslave.
We do not like you.
Except as maids.
Especially Somalilanders.

The Hilton is owned by a Somali???smh!!