Chrismass is here and it has brought with it nostalgia that comes with the season. Epectations are high at this time and usually the are rarely met. Its the worst time to be alone but i thank God for my wonderful children.i also thank God for you guys my KT family.its been great knowing you guys hanging out with you,reading your threads,kojolearing them,liking them. I loved your response to my threads even those that made me feel like packing my handle and leaving. You guys are one of a kind.I’ve made friends …thanks to you guys…several thresh holds have been reached…yeah by a Kterian…still working on it though.you guys have made being an introvert easy.i have spent whole days indoors with you guys,laughing alone like a mad woman.i think some people i have met are not sure anymore about the status of my mind especialy those ive met in queues and waiting rooms because of the gasps of horror and sudden bursts of laughter! Once again thanks for being part of my life HAPPY HOLIDAYS…HAPPY AND BLESSED 2018:D:D

Have a good one wanjiku

Last night the.black and his minions hunting for a christmas tree

Merry Christmas to everyone

get a cyprus tree dude. they are the best. what is that?

inakaa bluegum…

Ni ile mufariti(don’t know the botanical name)

[INDENT]A piece of thigh for Mafisi ktalker’s branch will be a Christmas comes early :D[/INDENT]

Kumbe ushapeana cloaca kwa ktalkers wakanyonya :eek::eek::):slight_smile:

Merry christmass to you too @WANJIKU yaani @Okwonkwo amesha nyonya your coccyx? Damn that was fast.

Kt iko na wasee wengi sana okwonkwo … Bado anaomba:D

Inakaa calistermon citrinus

c.c @gashwin


Merry Christmas Shiko. I hope we will create more memories in 2018.

Basi huyo ni an doctor @Luther12 ama dere @Meria Mata

Hao ni monks.


ama wameficha makucha kama paka:)

@WANJIKU… xmas poa… and yes those thresholds we met were amazing in my dreams

:D:D:D…wapi gaseti??

Yes…more memories