Happy fathers day to all Ktalk fathers

Happy fathers day to all the responsible dads on ktalk.
@admin mbona hukuweka banner?


Fathers are only to be seen and not to be heard.


Ati responsible dads…Sasa mwoman akiku trap/setty na mimba alafu uruke na umwache kenya akiwa singo mum hio ni blame ya nani?

It takes two to tango…


Mbona wewe hukuchukua jukumu utumie protection?


thanks. i enjoyed it…

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The issue is not about being responsible but rather having the means to enable one become responsible…otherwise you risk daily insults from the mwoman, mimi nachana mbuga mpaka hali yangu ya kifedha iimarike

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Coz initially people believe a child is a gift from God (atakuja na sahani yake)…but when the rubber hits the road ndo unalijua

Hekaya hatujakataa

i thought you knew the rules around here…families are out of the hekaya equation, unless you are announcing the coming of a new family member…


Didn’t know that… sorry

We wish all mothers a happy mother’s day but only responsible fathers are to be celebrated on their day?


Nigga,you have daddy issues!!!

I’m not the OP

Op ndio nini?

The one who started this thread.

Original Poster, naona @old monk ni mod huko mysecret pia

That has no relation with you having daddy issues, for a while I have noticed when matters relating to dads come up for discussion you bring out some negative vibes.

lay off, man…

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