Happy Fathers Day Kijiji

Hope you take time and appreciate a man today. Doesn’t even have to be your biological father. Society doesn’t appreciate us, so we might as well do it.

From the Optician’s Desk we wish every father a fabulous Father’s Day.


Happy Fathers day to all dads here.

ulisema nilete gari ioshwe wapi

Depends uko area gani.


@TrumanCapote, come here and heap praises on fathers.


I’ve forgotten to wish a happy Fathers day to all of you who are called 'uncle '.

umesahau pia ku wish baba Otis happy fathers’ day, hata kama hamko pamoja? :D:D

Do it.

Hahah I did and with a gift on top from the babies.

that’s the spirit, Nyarkiambu.

Erokamano ahinya.


MGTOW fake @Bingwa Scrotum leo mnapewa ball mkacheze na vipii uko inje Wazazi tukiongea mambo ya muim high table

MGTOW members @Karoga @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii @cortedivoire Wankstas happy father days for the children you have killed through wanking.

Happy fathers day to you all

Unaona vile siku ya leo si mchezo?

Children are nothing but liabilities. All they are good at is shitting, crying, puking, getting sick and breaking things. No, thanks! I would rather get a bimmer, grab a beer and watch a grand prix today!

Suafe lazima Simba apewe heshima.

I am not a MGTOW, I am a father to kids from my very beautiful queen that life handed the wrong set of cards in the beginning

That man was a dog …and I am here to make it right

You created a thread and wished mzichi, kipuke na another political supporter happy fathers day pekee yao … its ok :D:D