Happy birthday

Today is my birthday niko na hangover mwenda sana.

@Lola- nipate nerkwo nimeenda kukunywa thufu na niweke firifiri

But on a serious note vile miaka inaenda I just realised I only have two more projects to fulfil and I retire in 5years I go spend time at my farm. For those wondering I am not old like MIT @FieldMarshal CouchP.

Have a lovely Madaraka peeps and stay safe.

Happy birthday maskman.

furahia so your birth decades or years back foreshadowed the launch of the SGR


We share a birthday @Some Say. Ushering mine with a hangover.

Happy birthday anonymous one…

hbd mzito

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Care for some birthday sex?

Happy birthday!

niaje maliar

Poa! Ni birthday yako nikupee shoti moja free?

That MIT is not as old as he claims to be btw. He just exhibits some psychosis at times.:smiley:

O’wise happy birthday!

utamu wa maliar ni kununua


Happy Mbirthnday kasee!

Happy birthday wasa. Athimika muno kasee

Happy birth day kasee

Nyama ni nyama enjoy[ATTACH=full]103290[/ATTACH]

Hapa tu ndio nakubaliana na wewe juu am still suffering.
Hiyo ingine ya birthday apana tambua.