Happy Birthday Volodmyr



President Joseph Biden and Chancellor Olaf Scholz have sent him the tanks he has be asking for …

Abrams tank:


Leopard tank :




Kijana nga’ngari saidi

[ATTACH=full]493094[/ATTACH]birthday wishes are for women and children to wish successful men . I can’t even wish my wife a birthday chieth .that’s simping rexxsimpson

Yaani I share same birthday na hio ghasia. Wacha nijitreat blackforest quatre.


Kumbe we ni softie ivi!

Mwezi iko pabaya aisee.

Na Bado …
Putin thought that he was dealing with a clown …
Now he knows different …

  • He has failed to Assainate Zelensky .
  • He has failed to Invade and capture Kiyiv.
  • He has failed to divide the Citizens of Ukraine.

All that remains is the coming Summer “Offensive” - where he will also be defeated …

If the advisors around Putin were smart , they would tell him …
[ …like General Rommel told Adolf Hitler after his defeat in the Battle of El Alamein to Field Marshall Sir Bernard Montgomery …]
" …This War is Over …!!! …"

these tanks from outside look so similar. Tusaidie na specs

They are Totally Different …
But equally very potent … :D:D