Happy birthday Daniel

Here’s to wishing Ret. President Moi a happy 94th birthday and many happy returns.
I met you once in '85 when i was in a mass choir tukiimba “tawalaa Kenya tawala”
Would love to meet you again unipe baraka za 2022.
Leadership skills: - am the chief of a crazy village and admin to 25 WhatsApp groups.
Ambia man Gidi naja

HBD Mzee

Am I the only person who thought his birthday was 10th October on Moi Day.

Hii mbwa tuliomba miaka mingi sana ikufe. Another reason I think God is a cocksucker.

Kenya would have been far had it not been him.

No happy birthday from me. But no ill wishes either.

24 years?
We are yet to recover.

When I was a kid there was a rumor that he got his eye transplant from a goat and every time since then whenever I see him I remember that

apan tambua MOI. Huyo mzee failed Kenya terribly.

Hoping one day atasema bole kwa wale wote walifinywa pale nyati na nyayo