Happy Anniversary to Barrack and Michelle
31 Years of Happiness and many more to come … :grin::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::confetti_ball::tada::sparkles::sparkles:

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Two Faggots baada ya kulipuana mikia.

Michelle drills Barack.

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Naskia wote wako na mujulus. But I don’t care, happy birthday to whoever is celebrating whatever it is

Then how do we have Malia and Sasha?

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Tafta @anon46421834 atuambie. Yeye ndiye mkunga hii kijiji. Anyway you’d be a fool to believe that all your siblings were sired by your dad. The same can be said of Malia and Shashamane. Probably different mum? Dad being Michelle

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All the Juvenile nonsense in here aside
And unlike most of you hecklers in here …
Our “Cousin” is living the Good life …

  • Beautiful , Loving , Stress Free Marriage.
  • USD: 33K per Month Presidential Tax Free Pension.
  • Unlimited Free Medical Insurance and access to ALL Military Hospitals.
  • Secret Service Protection for Life.
  • Govt provided Office and Admin Staff.
  • Unlimited Free Air Travel on USAF Assets.
  • Additional Revenue from Book Sales and Speaking Engagements.
  • 2 Beautiful Adult Independent Daughters.

Try and beat that …!!! :grin: :grin:


:rofl: :rofl:

You can’t, kwanza ukiongeza all the gay sex he si now free to have. Mans is living the dream


Uko na porno yao ni nyonge

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Some of your wives are uglier like gorillas with series of stomachs , huyu mama ako poa .

Of course you have the proof and a explanation HOW and from WHERE the 2 beautiful biological Daughters came from … ???
You have the floor …

Gay men have kids all the time, paruhyia co Barack Obama's gay sex fantasy confession is revealed in unredacted letter to ex: 'I make love to men daily, in the imagination' | Daily Mail Online

Michelle is a man