Happy 54th Jamhuri Day fellow Kenyans

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Happy Jamhuri day,… but what’s happening in kasarani, its like three quarter empty and the program is like one hour late,… who are the organisers!

I’m sure people are drunk. And for the inauguration, they were ferried.

Inauguration is a historic occasions that candidates will be lucky to experience once or twice in their lives.

Jamhuri day is just the same thing each year thanks to protocol. That’s why I support taking national day celebrations to the counties.

For dairy farmers don’t forget to buy this cow for 500 bob if you can go through the process since 1000’s others are trying as well.

[SIZE=6]Half Empty stadium! :D:D:D:D:D[/SIZE]

Kumiria Kumiria

Say no more my fellow Kenyan… @pamba understands…Happy jamhuri day




Of all others, Waititu is seating a few seats from the president, enyewe dreams are varied



A rare picture of our Shujaa who fought for our independence. The criminal colonial british only have pictures of him in chains to portray him as a criminal instead of a freedom fighter. CC @FieldMarshal CouchP