Hapo sawa


My 2020 customized calender front page is sorted…my home screen wallpaper is sorted…hapo sawa…huyu lioness lasma nimtembelee Sweden.

UPUSS!!! Leftist chieth,yeye amepanda miti ngapi?What carbon dioxide reducing measures has she invented or improved?

wawache upuzi waweke Kipchoge hapo

She has managed to raise awareness on the issue on a global scale. Wacha wivu

Wengine wanapanda miti mwingine ni kudisplace maji kwa swimo na unono yake :D:D


You need to grow up

Sasa wewe na vile uko na bibi mnono unaeza niambia nini? Ama unatetea @Thiem juu ana shape kama ya bibi yako? :smiley:

Nonsense stupid baby.

I have realized your contributions in kenyatalk are just immature insults.[ATTACH=full]275186[/ATTACH]

Nini mpya has she brought to the table that akina Prof. Mathaai didn’t bring,shida ya watu siku hizi Ni focussing on the drama and not the issue at hand.

And who are you?? Malaya mzee

Use your real handle @Mzee mzima …you were exposed for being a fagot hapa …ulihama ktalk for six months only to come up with this handle :D:D:D:D
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