Hapo Ndiye Tumefika Na Marriage Issues

Environment CS Soipan Tuya has taken her estranged husband to court seeking custody of their two children and Sh525,000 for their upkeep.


Tuya claims her estranged husband Stephen Kudate treats their children and her domestic workers with cruelty.

Tuya is also seeking an order to compel her estranged husband to pay Sh100,000 which is 50 per cent of the Sh200,000 children’s monthly entertainment needs.

She further wants the estranged husband to be compelled to pay Sh100,000 which is 50 per cent of Sh200,000 for the two children’s maintenance.

How rich is the husband?

Ushenzi ya Ndoa sikuhizi ni hii



It now makes sense. :laughing:


Mahali Jambasi amepita ni live wire. Hapo mwanaume yeyote anafaa awe na roho ya simba na condoms made of Kevlar.


Eeeeei.Hii Nabii imegula.The husband knows and has decided to be difficult ndio bibi ajitoe


Imegulwa and the husband might be doubting those are not his kids


“Kuna wale wanasiaga mpaka stee wool. Unapikiwa chakula na steel wool. Inaitwa slow death,” TikToker Nyako says, warns men to be vigilant with the women they live with.

** “Imagine you are eating stain remover for clothes. Inawekwa kidogo kidogo. Baadaye, unaanza na ulcer, then chronic ulcers, then it goes to we cannot help you anymore; you are dying. These are the kind of women wenye wanazika leo, kesho wako sherehe. Shamba boy ashaingizwa kwa nyumba, relatives wanasherehekea your wealth. Men wake up,” Nyako cautioned.**


Tuliona kabla Uwesmakende akue na futhi

Winfred Mueni, a 28-year-old married woman has been charged with the killing of her 30-year-old boyfriend Titus Njoroge who passed on under mysterious circumstances during sex at his house in Baba Dogo, Nairobi on September 22.

It is said that the husband had gone for burial in Naivasha before Winfred went to offer services to her boyfriend.

The married woman told detectives that during intercourse, her lover started having difficulty breathing, coughing, and becoming weak, he became unconscious and hit his head on the headboard.

sometimes this woman has a lose mouth lakini hapa ameongea kama elder