Hapana Chezea Wanaume


You are a hoe if you are paid to give someone your pussy and bad things happen to hoes

girl: I’m not a hoe
20000: dry fry

The betrayal she feels is due to the reversal of the money…
Not the session they had…
She actually agreed to “sleep” with him…
But not on the first day…
Unless the guy showed some “seriousness”…
Aka “Utalipa ngapi”.

There is a con friend of mine huvaa hivii exactly…

everyboody with a turtle neck issa Con…

Show me your friends I’ll tell you who you’re

“I told him i cant sleep with him on the first day”…after seeing MPESA notification of 20k, she went ahead and sucked his balls. That shows you how women get confused when money is in play.

He doesn’t need any further introduction…that there is a fúcking legend.


:D:D:D:D:D:D fake news but nimecheka yangu yote

mapoko wote huitisha cash mkifika kitandani hawachukuangi MPesa, huyu ni kunguru mgeni.

We would never have heard of the shenanigans had the brother not reversed the MPESA.

I thought nowadays you can’t just reverse mpesa. The recipient receives a notification from safaricom before reversal. Like today a lady was trying to reverse sh 50 fair Rongai to bomas that she had paid via mpesa . Makanga received a call from safaricom n blocked it.

I’m told if your phone is on and you don’t answer, the reversal is automatic.

Makosa kubwa sana. The money reverses automatically ukikataa simu

Automatic reversal ukilenga the call and message .but mbona ulenge na ulitumiwa pesa ? though they will send you a message to refuse the reversal


You have wierd friends

Women have rules for poor men only.